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Dragon’s Dogma New Demo and Competition

Capcom has announced that there will be a new Dragon’s Dogma demo, coming exclusively to the PSN on Aug. 15th in EU and Aug. 21st in NA. They have also started a competitions being held on the Pawn Community website.

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Dragon’s Dogma Playthrough

Dragon’s Dogma is a brand new IP from Capcom containing dragons, pawns and even lanterns! Trev plays through the opening 15 minutes in a exclusive clip for

Have you played Dragon’s Dogma yet? If so, what do you think? If not, does this clip make you want to play it? Or, are you still playing Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below!



Dragon’s Dogma’s Ur-Dragon

Capcom just released details on Dragon Dogma’s Ur-Dragon, a powerful dragon that will take many players to kill it. There will be a special reward for the player that delivers the final blow as well.

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Dragon’s Dogma Demo Details and a New Trailer

This new trailer shows “all the ways in which you can grab on, climb up, hold on, pick up, and carry around.”

Capcom has just confirmed that the playable demo of the open world action–RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, will be available to download globally via the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, April 24 for NA, and on the European PlayStation Store the following day, Wednesday April 25.

Hit the jump for details on what you can expect to see.
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