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Dragon’s Dogma OXM Featured Videos

During my Daily news dosage, I came across two lovely videos on CAPCOM’s latest Eastern RPG, Dragon’s Dogma. OXM editor Matt Lees explains in the first video a new feature called the Pawn system, which I personally thought is the most innovative feature I’ve seen in a video game in the past 10 years. There is also a second guide video on the classes and skills that you’ll find very interesting.

Videos are after the jump.
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Dragon’s Dogma Classes Revealed

Introducing the Warrior from the upcoming hack and slash RPG: Dragon’s Dogma. The Warrior is exactly what you expect him to be. Hard hitting and utilizing Heavy weaponry.

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Dragon’s Dogma Demo Confirmed

Dragon’s Dogma Demo is a go! The fan’s requests have been heard and the Demo will arrive shortly. I’m extremely thrilled to get a hold of this one and try the crafting system. Here is the official announcement detailing what to expect.

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Dragon’s Dogma Release Date, Story Trailer, and RE6 Demo Incentive Revealed

Capcom is now giving us a solid release date for Dragon’s Dogma along with a good incentive to purchase Dragon’s Dogma. Resident Evil 6 demo token will be included with every copy which can be redeemed some time in July. This is what capcom had to say
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