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Driver: San Francisco “Film Director” Trailer

If there was ever one great feature in a Driver game that I always enjoyed, it was the Film Director mode. There was something great about setting up cameras and filming a replay, making for some awesome chase scenes. I used this feature extensively in Driver 3, as I was allowed to download and upload clips I, and others, have uploaded online (I owned the game on XBox, so I uploaded my videos to Live).

What’s great about this game’s is that you can do the Film Director mode at any point, rather than it automatically starting from the point you began playing. If you wanted to do a video of a police chase, you had to be creative. I often pulled up next to cops at an intersection with a red light. Light turns green and I’d smoke the tires, causing the officer to chase me. It was a lot of fun.

With the addition of movie-inspired car chases in this game, as shown above with the Bullitt-inspired chase (save for a few missing details, including the wrong year Charger and the badges on the Mustang), it’s a perfect way to use this feature. I can’t be the only one excited about this game, can I? Pick it up September 2nd in EU (and maybe AU), and September 6th in NA.


Driver: San Francisco Getting a PSN Release!

Ubisoft MD, Garth Edmonson, confirmed to audience in Gamescom that the full disc-released game will be available for download via the PlayStation Network, presumably in line with the retail version’s September 2nd EU launch.

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Driver: San Francisco Multiplayer Demo This Week

This week, Driver series fans will get a chance to test out the very promising multiplayer of Ubi’s latest Driver installment, Driver: San Francisco, before the game hit stores next month on September 6th. Ubisoft had released a single player demo last week with three different missions to choose from.

On the other hand, the official Driver forums published a list of the fully licensed cars available in the full retail version of the game, available below.

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Driver: San Francisco Multiplayer Looks Promising

Earlier today, Ubisoft released a new trailer for the next Driver, which features some of the multiplayer modes in the game. I gotta say, this actually looks really fun. Even the Shift Race mode, Shift being the least favorite addition of the franchise (according to a lot of fans), looks like a lot of fun. It may not be the best looking game around, but that’s not what Driver was ever about. Any other fans of the series looking forward to this?

You can also check out another multiplayer trailer below.

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