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Meet Some of the Stars of Driver: San Francisco

This trailer was released a few days ago and depicts a few of the 120 or so vehicles available in the title, mainly focusing on some popular American cars, from the 1970 Chevelle SS to the 2009 Viper SRT10 ACR, and four other cars in between (which is a small taste of what the entire game offers). I am still excited for this game! Expect to see it on store shelves August 30th.

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Driver: San Francisco Comeback Trailer Released

Earlier today, Ubisoft released a new trailer for the new addition to the Driver franchise, entitled “Comeback”, which shows off some of the chases and a few clips of some of the in-game cutscenes. Although the premise is weird (basically, everything takes place within Tanner’s head), the game still has over-the-top, Hollywood-style chase scenes, a staple for the franchise. Personally, I can’t wait for this one.


An Interview with Dean Wilkinson

Dean Wilkinson is the scriptwriter for, most recently, the LittleBigPlanet games and Driver: San Francisco. JCMoorehead of Parallel World Gaming (and one of our members) had a chance to interview him on some of his history, what it was like working with Media Molecule and gives us some insight on the upcoming Driver game, from a writer’s perspective of course. Very interesting read! You can read the interview here.

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Driver: San Francisco Interview with IGN

So, Ubisoft lifted the veils for the new Driver game at the press conference held earlier today. Though I was very excited for the return of the series to its roots, I found the idea of ‘shifting’ from car to car a little questionable. They didn’t really do that well of a job explaining it at the conference, but in the interview here, you get more of an understanding of the features, and with that, I’m more at ease and it sounds like it might work.

Also, there are no on-foot segments in the game, and it all focuses solely on the driving, with well over 100 actual, licensed cars. Can’t wait for this one!


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