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Dungeon Hunter – My Impressions

I’m a huge fan of the top-down fantasy RPG genre made popular on the PS2 by the Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norrath games. There were two in each series, and I’ve played the all. I’ve actually played through Champions of Norrath several times, and I still hold that game as the pinnacle of the genre (on consoles at least – Diablo is on the PC).

The current generation hasn’t brought us many of these games,. The two I know are Untold Legends and Sacred 2. Untold Legends came out pretty early in the PS3’s life cycle, and I bought and played the whole thing co-op with a friend. It was alright, but not really anything special. Champions of Norrath was much better. Sacred 2 was much larger in scope, and held lots of promise. But it was very buggy, and these bugs prevented me from doing several things in game that I think are crucial to the experience, like swapping items with friends. It claimed that I was cheating, when I wasn’t. I tried wiping all my data and doing it again, but got the same result. This was really quite frustrating, and I eventually gave up on the game.

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Dungeon Hunter Alliance Joining Friends Issue Work Around

Since I know quite a few of us picked up Dungeon Hunter Alliance, I thought I’d inform everyone of a work-around for a “joining friends” issue. I had read something about this error, before the game was released on the PS3, and came across it with my son trying to join his friends. Out of approximately 12 attempts to join each others games, only one of them joined once, and was then disconnected almost immediately.

Well, I found a fix on a couple of blog sites, and it worked perfectly every time.

To join friend’s games, after accepting the invite and selecting your character, push the ‘X’ button repeatedly until the “game loading” screen appears.

Hopefully Gameloft will release a patch to fix this in the near future.


Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hitting PSN This April

Hack and slash is my favorite game genre, and Dungeon Hunter seems to be doing it right! Take a look at this video show casing what to expect.

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