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echochrome ii Developer Video

First off, I think this is a great use of the Move for a PSN game like this. For those who played the original echochrome, you know that it’s a very cool puzzle game, even without the fancy graphics and colors. This takes the classic perspective gaming to another dimension with the ‘flashlight’ mechanic, adds more lively music and a few bold colors. And the ability to make your own puzzles is awesome as well. It should come out later this year.

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Echochrome get PSEye and YouTube support

Man I haven’t played this game for a while, lol. I still need to finish it. Anyway, a upcoming patch for echochrome will enable your to record yourself while playing the game. It will save the video to your hard drive. Then you can upload it to YouTube.

Installing the patch will allow you to watch yourself play the game via an in-set window at the corner of the screen.

I can’t imagine those videos will be very exciting. Unless you get people that get mad at the game, lol. The patch is only announced for Japan at the moment. But I’m sure the rest of us will get it soon enough.

Echochrome to get major update: PS Eye, YouTube support

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echochrome demo tomorrow!

echochrome demo is coming out tomorrow.


Wow, PSN is on a roll with content. Brand new store with GT5:P last week, echochrome this week, a demo of Siren next week. Very nice.

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