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VGA’s 2011 Red Carpet Arrivals Interview with Skyrim’s Todd Howard

Todd Howard hints of possible DLC content coming soon. Watch this exclusive video as @oly1kenobi and @PAULFIERCE cover the red carpet arrivals at the 2011 VGA’s in Los Angeles.


Skyrim: A Shout To Game Developers

What’s the deal with Bethesda’s latest adventure, Skyrim? Well, aside from the fact that it is awesomely addictive, Skyrim is suffering from a PlayStation 3 “only” unresolved lag issue that is compromising the experience for many PS3 owners. Although I haven’t started playing Skyrim, I am a bit afraid that by the time I will hit the 60 Hours mark, I will reach the pinnacle of my adventure.

Apparently, there have been many speculations regarding the origin of the problem and the correct methods to resolve it. Patch 1.2 was released by Bethesda to resolve some issues, including the lag problem, however, the problem still persists. According to many users, not only did Patch 1.2 not fix the issue, but also made things worse, as they are now experiencing more issues, including the infamous flying backward dragon glitch.

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Skyrim Update is Live on the PSN

The Skyrim 1.2 update is now live on the PSN, and we can all get back to playing it… forever.

UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless specified)
Here’s the most important one, with the rest after the jump!
Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
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Skyrim Patch due Next Week

Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines has let us know that a patch for Skyrim will launch the week beginning Monday November 28th, pending certification with Sony.

He said that this patch will improve performance for “long-term play on PS3”, which should fix the reported bug in which the save file becomes so big that the game won’t play with out a system reset. I haven’t ran into it myself, or even talked to anyone who has, but I’m glad it is being fixed for those that have.


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