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EyePet & Friends Will Have 2 Pets to Play With

When the first Eye Pet was announced, my daughters were extremely excited. After being delayed over and over, it was finally released as a PS Move compatible game, and filled my home with enjoyment. The major issue at the time seemed to be that my two youngest daughters had to take turns. Well now, with todays announcement of Eye Pet and Friends, it seems like that will no longer be an issue.

In Eye Pet and Friends there will now be the availability of two pets, either both controlled by one player, or each controlled by a separate player. The game is currently scheduled to be released “later this year.”
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New Move Bundle Announced

Oh, look at the kitty!Up until now, the only options for those that don’t own the PS3 Eye and wanted to get into Move was to either buy them separately (which costs $80 plus tax) or in the Sports Champions Bundle ($99 plus tax and thus a better value), but Sony has announced at PlaystationBlog that, starting this Friday (September 24th for those keeping score), we will see the release of this new bundle.

This new bundle will be exclusively available from Toys R’ Us and will only be released in the US and Canada. As can be seen from above, it will include a PS3 Eye, a Move controller and a copy of Eyepet, all for $99. There is no mention of a demo disc as is the case with the Sports Champions Bundle, but that’s not such a bad thing since you can get all the demos from PSN, but it WILL make a difference for those families that own a PS3 but don’t use PSN (of which, there are many).

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KB Advertises the EyePet

Kevin Butler has a few choice words for puppies. I guess until labradoodles learn to fly planes, Mr. Butler will be sticking to his new furry friend.



EyePet Now Scheduled for a Fall Release in US

The eye pet was originally scheduled for a fall release in 2009 in the US and EU, but was only released in EU. The date was pushed back to April here, and then kinda just disappeared. Well, with the announcement of the PlayStation Move, Eye Pet has resurfaced and promises to be better than before. It was announced that the game will come bundled with a PS Move, and will contain many new costumes and items not in the EU version. No mention if these items are completely new, or are items that have become available as DLC in the EU PS Store.

The Move will allow you to feed, dress, and style your Eye Pet, as well as draw items on the screen that will become 3D items for the Eye Pet to play with. My daughters have anxiously been awaiting this game since it was announced about this time last year. They even asked if I would fly to Europe to buy them a copy. 😀 Anyway, it looks like they will have to wait a little while longer, but the wait seems to be well worth it.


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