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F1 2010 Broken

It all seemed to be going so well and then bam like an engine blow out, a puncture or Mark Webber up the inside your race is ruined. After a hugely successful launch for F1 2010 (outselling both Halo Reach and Dead Rising 2 combined) It’s now spun off on the last corner before taking the chequered flag. Many players are experiencing severe game breaking issues, the worst being game saves, which are becoming corrupt…

Codemasters have said;

We believe this only occurs if, after completing an R&D objective, you…
– Retire to the paddock via the Engineer (in the garage).
– Terminally damage your car and select retire to paddock.
– Get disqualified and select retire to paddock.

And provided a work around until it is fixed;

After a practice session where you complete an R&D objective and unlock a new upgrade make sure you then load in to the following qualifying session before exiting the game.

So at least you can load up your save files, shame then that there are many bugs wrecking your racing experience here’s a full list & video of all major bugs and glitches that have been found so far from Codemasters Forum after the jump Read the rest of this entry »


F1 2010 Launch Trailer

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And they’re off! Here’s the launch trailer for F1 2010. It features collisions, Radio comments and more luscious views of F1 automobiles. Hit the Jump to see the TV trailer too, which focuses on being a the best driver in the world. F1 2010 is out this week.

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F1 2010 Night Race Trailer

Neeeeooooowwwwww! Here’s a new trailer for F1 2010 showcasing the night and sunset races, which will climax one of the most exciting F1 seasons in history. F1 2010 is out next week and I shall be picking up a copy on release day to get a review up ASAP but for now enjoy this stunning trailer with a great tune, looks like it will have one hell of a soundtrack.


F1 2010 Gameplay Video & Release Date

A video for F1 2010 was shown on the official F1 website and Codemasters have also confirmed the official release date as 22nd September in America and will be out across Europe by the 24th. The latest trailer below with featuring the great Chase & Status with Plan B track; “End Credits”.


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