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F1 2010 Developer Diary Video No.5 (Live The Life)

This is the final Developer Diary for Codemasters F1 2010 and features the career mode detailing the many facets of an F1 driver’s life. The car setups sound great with slight tweaks being all that’s needed to fine tune the car. I’m really hoping they have a Fallout 3 style dialogue tree for the paddock/interview areas allowing you to build your own reputation and smack talk other drivers. Secretly I hope you get the chance to chat up the grid girls, but then that might not be realistic assome drivers seem care about their car more… F1 2010 is due out the end of this year.

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F1 20210 Tracks & Cars Video

A new Developer Diary from Codemasters for F1 2010 is out in its full extended cut featuring the design process of the tracks and cars. A neat touch is Davidson describing turn 8 at Belgium with an accompanying video showing you what he is describing. Looks like F1 2010 is shaping up nicely although I’m still sceptical about it being 30 fps instead of Sony’s last outing; F1 Championship Edition which was 60 fps. Hopefully the crash/damage modelling system is a big step up from Sony’s last effort though. F1 2010 is due out October.


F1 2010 Handling Video and Screenshots

Another Dev Diary from Codemasters detailing their attention to detail in respect to handling in the upcoming F1 2010 due in September. I’m a little sceptical of how they can claim it handles realistically when it runs at 30fps, especially when you consider Studio Liverpool managed to make a decent F1 game back in 2006 run at 60fps… I’ve added the video after the jump along with some new screenshots, unfortunately they are still of 2009 season cars but the video does show some crashes and car damage in action.

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First footage of F1 2010

This is a developer interview video but shows some pre-alpha footage of F1 2010, it’s all last season like the screenshots posted already but it gives us an idea of how the dynamic weather will look. Unfortunately there’s no video of crashes or any damage to know how that is. Lets just hope the game ios more exciting than the snooze fest that was the season opener in Bahrain last weekend…


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