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Fat Princess Update Coming

Fat Princess

Hopefully this will fix issues people are having. I haven’t tried this myself yet. I think the concept is great. Is it worth it? Anyway here is what they plan to fix. No release date for the patch yet. They are also looking into more improvements like stalemate breakers, more classes and maps.

Failed Game Connections
Hosting Problems
AoE Scoring Exploits
Missing Princess (on certain levels)
Dead Hat Machines
Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
Ranking System Problems

Fat Princess update officially detailed


Fat Princess This Thursday

That’s right, Fat Princess will be hitting PSN this Thursday for $14.99 USD. It will also be released simultaneously worldwide, hitting North America, Europe and Asia. A release is still being worked out for Japan and nothing was said about an Australian release, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be released there as well. You can check out the Interview done by the Official PS Blog here:


Fat Princesses.

Shocking, huh? The Sun put together some images of princesses celebrities fattened up for the upcoming release of Fat Princess. The results are… well you can see for yourself on The Sun’s website to see the full slideshow if you haven’t eaten cake yet. If you just did you might wanna leave it a while…

Fat Princess is due out next month on the Playstation Store.

[Pic Joystiq]

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