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FIFA Rage Quitters

Without doubt the biggest problem plaguing FIFA 10’s online play is rage quitters, in a game that heavily relies on 1v1 matchmaking it can render playing online almost pointless as the match cannot continue if your opponent has left. In a racing game or shooter like Modern Warfare 2 if one person leaves during a match its not noticeable as there are plenty of other players to keep the game going but in FIFA or other similar sports games its over as soon as they quit. So infuriating is this that there is even a twitter set up to report quitters at a recent personal favourite being this one.

There is definitely nothing more frustrating than scoring a goal or two in the opening minutes of a match and having your opponent quit and lost nothing and the match isn’t counted as a win for you. Just try earning that 100 online wins trophy in FIFA 10 where your opponent quitting doesn’t count for a win. I’ve been trying to decide what the best possible solution for tackling this issue could be and came up with a couple of suggestions.

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FIFA 11 To Stop Online Quitters


In a recent interview with Eurogamer Simon Humber revealed how FIFA 11 (not World Cup 2010) will include some measures to stop people quitting matches when they’re losing.

“[rewarding] people for completing matches rather than quitting out”.

“It’s a complex problem. We do have the five-minute rule: if you find your connection’s poor you can drop out within the first five minutes.

“After that there should be a penalty; just in the online world there are complexities that mean by the time the data comes back to our servers, something there means it doesn’t award the win to the right person. So we’re always looking to improve that.”

2010 FIFA World Cup line producer Simon Humber.

Its a big problem in FIFA 10 that needs fixing, especially if you’re trying to earn the 100 wins online and your opponent quits making the win void. I hope this works out as unlike online shooters where there are more than one players a 1 v 1 game is immediately over when your opponent quits. It’s a shame they didn’t implement it into the WC game though that’s considering it has the online World Cup mode.

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FIFA 24 Hour World Record


A lot can happen in a day… And that day was the 27th Januray 2010 as a world record was made in London by 8 gamers playing FIFA 10 for 24 hours straight. As you may recall from last week the feat was organised by Stryxa , a website that organises online leagues for FIFA 10
and was held in a train station, which proved to not be the warmest of locations. In fact 10 Players started the record attempt but only 8 made it out at the end, I presume one of them was a mole all along, the other probably failed to make it out of an interrogation with Jack… Congratulations to the record holders though, I can barely get through a couple of hours at a time so its a big achievement.

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FIFA World Cup 2010


FIFA World Cup 2010 has been announced much to everyone’s surprise, but surprisingly they added a new feature that seems to make it all worthwhile. Aside from the usual tweaks of graphics and game engine, is the ability to play the World Cup tournament online. Yep. The whole freaking tournament!
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