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FIFA 10 24 Hour World Record Attempt, London 27/01/2010

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A 24 hour FIFA 10 play session will be held at Victoria Station, London, on Wednesday the 27th of January in an attempt to create a new Guinness World Record. The attempt will start at 9.00am on Wednesday and run through the night until 9.00am on Thursday morning when hopefully the record will be made.

How does it work? well;

Twelve lucky gamers will be selected via our website to play a role in making gaming history. The World Record, which will be adjudicated by an official Guinness representative, will involve a 24 hour FIFA 10 play session in the hope of obtaining the record for the World’s Longest Football Game Marathon!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out, especially with only 12 players involved. If you want to be one of the 12 participants there is still time to join the draw which ends midnight tonight (GMT). Obviously it would help if you lived in or near London and didn’t have to go to work on Wednesday and proabably Thursday too unless you like Red Bull!

You can enter the draw here;

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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer

A new trailer for FIFA 10 Ultimate Team has been released, which provides a bit more information about the mode, team chemistry, tournaments you can enter and how you build your squads.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is due in February, the PSN only download has not been given an exact release date or price as of yet.

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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer.

A new trailer for the upcoming FIFA 10 create-a-team add on; Ultimate Team with written details after the jump.
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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team has been announced, just like last year it will be a downloadable add on. Another screenshot after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


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