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Pro Footballer Game Faces


You’re an international footballer and you’re away from home and between training sessions, what do you do? Play FIFA of course! Here’s a photo from Darren Bent’s Twitter of him playing Rio Ferdinand (who also has a twitter). Is FIFA 11 any good? I hear you cry, why don’t you check out our review to find out. No news yet to find out who won in the clash of England footballers.

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FIFA 11 Review

Football has always been a big part of my life, from Sunday league kick abouts where my team lost every game 15-2 to playing FIFA on the Mega Drive and Pro Evo on Playstation. I’ve grown up with it and now look forward to this time of year when the next FIFA and PES roll out to get my next football fix. So with FIFA 11 out this week let’s kick off, to use a footballing Clichy (sorry) and see if FIFA 11 can improve on the already great FIFA 10.

Straight away in the arena kick about you can notice the difference, changing direction whilst dribbling feels freer and no two shots at goal are ever the same with so many new animations added. Passing is now not just a simple button press, it now needs to be thought about with both direction and power now something to be considered. This eliminates the ping-pong passing complaint from the last two FIFAs as you now have to work the ball up field. This can result in sluggish encounters however as both teams wrestle to control the ball but it is a change for the better more realistic game of football that gets easier with practice. The other major complaint was goalkeepers were too easy to lob either because they charged off their line or the lob shot was effective, this has been rectified with better keeper positioning and lob shots being very difficult to get on target.

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FIFA 11 UK Price Update

There are many UK gamers currently waiting for the supermarkets to show their hands when it comes to the ever predicted price war for the long awaited FIFA 11. Well, with the sports game only a little over 24 hours away from being launched, ASDA has shown one half of their paper by announcing a price of £29.97 on their ASDA Entertainment website – of course that comes with Free Delivery.

However, to entice gamers to buy from them, they’ve stated that they will refund the difference if it’s cheaper at an instore launch.  Now how about that? Why queue up at your local store when you’re getting a similar deal online?

Yeah – I know, you actually have the game in your hand on launch day but surely for those that can’t get to the stores or have a 9pm curfew (and I’m not talking about myself here), this is a great opportunity to get the game without any effort? And at the same price as the instore price war that everyone loves!

As soon as there’s more development regarding prices – I’ll update you all as I’m as keen as you to bag this little beauty of a game too!

Grab your copy of FIFA 11 from ASDA Entertainment now!

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FIFA 11 “New Skills” Tutorial

Another new video from the upcoming FIFA 11 showing how to perform the new skills in game including some archive footage of them in action in real life, which is a great touch. FIFA 11 will be out worldwide by October 1st and you can try these skills out now on the demo available from the PSN Store.


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