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How To Be A Goalkeeper In FIFA 11

Who’d be a goal keeper, ey? Constantly having balls kicked at them, always diving at feet which are wearing studs and make one mistake and you lose the match. Well EA Sports are giving you the chance to be one in the upcoming FIFA 11 so now you can pull off those stunning saves like Paul Robinson or just make a mistake like erm… Paul Robinson. The position indicator looks to be a Godsend showing you where to stand and should stop keepers all being in the wrong place. could imagine it getting boring when you’re playing against a weaker team though. Having a human brain behind the keeper should mean no more silly mistakes or it could increase them, not sure which way it will pan out but I’m looking forward to finding out.


FIFA 11 Debut Trailer

EA Sports has revealed it’s first official trailer for FIFA 11 in all it’s slick slow-motion glory;

New features are revealed such as being able to play as a goal keeper (Be a Pro & online 11v11) and multi-player celebrations. Check out what I thought of FIFA 11 back in June here. A demo of FIFA 11 will be on PSN September 16th ahead of the full retail release on October 1st.

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FIFA Rage Quitters

Without doubt the biggest problem plaguing FIFA 10’s online play is rage quitters, in a game that heavily relies on 1v1 matchmaking it can render playing online almost pointless as the match cannot continue if your opponent has left. In a racing game or shooter like Modern Warfare 2 if one person leaves during a match its not noticeable as there are plenty of other players to keep the game going but in FIFA or other similar sports games its over as soon as they quit. So infuriating is this that there is even a twitter set up to report quitters at a recent personal favourite being this one.

There is definitely nothing more frustrating than scoring a goal or two in the opening minutes of a match and having your opponent quit and lost nothing and the match isn’t counted as a win for you. Just try earning that 100 online wins trophy in FIFA 10 where your opponent quitting doesn’t count for a win. I’ve been trying to decide what the best possible solution for tackling this issue could be and came up with a couple of suggestions.

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FIFA 11 Hands On

On Friday I went to EA’s UK office to get all close and personal with FIFA 11 ahead of it’s Autumn release. I played the E3 build, which just like in LA was held behind closed doors with no photography or filming allowed. I can however tell you how it plays and what I thought of it I shall do that now, in great depth.

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