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FIFA 13 Demo Hits The PSN Store Today

For gamers who are addicted to EA Sport’s highly popular football/soccer game, you’ll all be happy to know that the eagerly awaited FIFA 13 demo drops today. UK PS3 gamers will have to wait until late on this evening, working it’s way into the early hours of tomorrow (between 10pm and 2am) before they can get their hands on the demo.

Gamers who looking forward to this game and are in the US, we’re not quite sure when the demo is due to hit your stores just yet, but if you want to find out when the demo is expected to hit your timezone, visit the website below:

FIFA 13 Demo PS3 Release Window


FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition Announced

EA announced yesterday that EA SPORTS™ is offering an exclusive FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition to UK/European gamers, which will supply fans with 24 FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs to kick-start their season, and its most extensive global pre-order* incentive in the history of the FIFA franchise.

Fans who purchase the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition will receive 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs — one per week for 24 weeks with a total value of over £15 GBP — to help build an ultimate team of football superstars.

FIFA Ultimate Team brings the massive FIFA online community together with fans building, managing and competing with their ultimate football team from the world’s best players in FIFA 13. Each gold pack is a mix of 12 items, including players, contracts, stadiums, managers, staff, fitness, healing, balls, kits, and badges.

Gold Packs consist of players rated 75+ in-game, and include one rare item, such as enhanced player attributes, longer contracts, and the most coveted players.

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition is available only through pre-order or on September 28 (UK/EU regions).


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