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[Update]Final Fantasy Versus XIII No Longer PS3 Only



Yoichi Wada has clarified his statements regarding the possiblility of a 360 release of FFvXIII via his Twitter account.

“It looks like the ‘net is heating up. Versus on Xbox? What I said at the earnings press conference was just that until the launch time frame is formally announced, all points about all titles are not finalized.”

While Wada may have put a few gamers’ hearts at ease for now, I think he still left the door open for a multi-platform release of FFvXIII. Time will tell.

Original story:

Despite several trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII stating the game would release exclusively for the PS3, Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada wants to clear the air: Final Fantasy Versus XIII may not remain a PS3 exclusive.

Speaking after an investors meeting in Tokyo the question was raised if Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be better served as a multiplatform title. Wada replied “We’ll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement.” I’m guessing that there’s no better time to make a “formal announcement” than at E3.

The last news we heard about the development status of FFvXIII was when Nomura announced that they had airships flying over the world map in the game. It’ll be interesting to see how a 360 port may affect the current development and release schedule for the PS3 version.



Final Fantasy Versus XIII Unlikely for E3

Tetsuya Nomura, in the latest Famitsu stated that development is indeed going smooth other then one thing and that is the map system. Due to this they are changing the map to be more like one found in an unnamed Final Fantasy title.

So because of the last minute changes, it is unlikely FFXIII Versus will be shown.

I’m guessing the game will be available in the year 6578 on the PS 930.



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