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Square-Enix 16-bits video recap of the first two Final Fantasy XIII

A little earlier today, Square-Enix issued a brilliant Youtube video (using a game engine similar to the one for Final Fantasy VI) that recaps in 8 minutes the story of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, just in time for Lightning Returns, a game that will be out in less than two weeks.

Check the video right here!

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[PS3 Review] Final Fantasy XIII-2

Two years ago, many gamers were deceived by the long-awaited Final Fantasy XIII. While not being singularly bad, it did not meet gamers’ high expectations for having a below-average story, and for being way too linear. I agree with those points: I initially stopped playing the game at around 2/3rd through. I finally managed to complete the game a few months later when a friend told me the end was worth seeing.

Now, back in January 2011, a sequel was announced: Final Fantasy XIII-2. Is this game any better than the original FFXIII ? Without hesitation, YES, this game is WAY better than the first one!

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 ‘Opponent: Lightning & Amodar’ DLC Now Available

It hasn’t been a week and already we are seeing the first DLC content for Square-Enix’s bread and butter, Final Fantasy XIII-2. According to the press release,

In this first Coliseum battle, “Lightning and her former superior officer stand in the way of Serah and Noel. When defeated, Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar can be added to the player’s party.”

Square-Enix also promises that “Additional episodes which enhance the experience and complement the narrative of FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 with storyline branches for key characters in the story will be revealed at a later date.”

Get it now on the PlayStation Network, I mean, the Sony Entertainment Network!

Hit the jump for more screens from the DLC.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Release

First off Happy News Year everyone and I hope you all had a great one. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan & played Final Fantasy XIII, I’m pretty sure you’ve been keeping up with the upcoming sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2, whether you liked FFXIII or not. The sequel is set to release Jan 31st, which is the end of this month. If you want to get some hands on with the new features on FFXIII-2, well here’s your chance. Next week Jan 10th a demo will be released on the PSN Store. Hopefully it’s different than demo I played at San Diego’s Comic-Con last year in July. None the less I hope your hyped for this game as much as I am.


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