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Games You Should Look Forward To In 2012

Bye Bye 2011, you were truly amazing in terms of first party exclusives and surprisingly good titles. It was a non-stop party ’til the very end. I’ve battled the Helghast on planet Helghan, jumped off a plane in Rub’ al Khali, journeyed through the Mississippi river to New York City looking for a way to save humanity, undergone augmentation to survive a vicious attack, base jumped off a cliff in Damavand Peak and climbed 600 stairs to the top of a mountain called the Throat of the World, searching for my destiny. I salute you 2011, but times have come for a new year and new games to look forward to.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master & Monsters Trailer

Square Enix recently released a video preview of the Master & Monsters system in FFXIII-2 . This new feature brings a unique feel to the fast paced Paradigm shift system, giving you the freedom to fully customize your captured monsters and their attributes, summon them to assist you in battle or unleash powerful spells that can also lead into button-pressing action sequences that are unique to each monster.

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FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Exclusive “Genji Bow”

GameStop now has another exclusive pre-order for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2.

PowerUp Rewards members who pre-order FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 at GameStop will receive the exclusive “Genji Bow” weapon for Serah. “With a unique look for both its sword and bow forms, the Genji Bow allows the player to attack more frequently.”

The exclusive weapon is retroactive for existing pre-orders, as long as the customer is a PowerUp Rewards member and is purchased/picked up by Feb. 2, 2012.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS 2011 Exclusive PS3 Trailer

Square-Enix has released two console exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailers, one for PS3 and one for 360. Both Trailers are packed with different story elements but share a common feature, outstanding visuals! Did you note that the lip-syncing is not going with the voice-over work? Well, Square-Enix revealed that the final products will feature full western lip-syncing support.

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