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FFXIV – Gladiator and Pugilist Info

Famitsu November 26th 001

Finally some real news of FFXIV! Its been a while since we got some juicy news about this highly anticipated MMO. We have details of 2 of the basic jobs as well as some of the weapons. It seems weapons different weapons will play different roles from attack to defense to skill etc.

Greatly awaited new info revealed!

With the announcement of the campaign code for FFXIV enclosed in the first wave of FFXIII’s released and today’s announcement of gladiator and pugilist class details and weapons, things for FFXIV finally look like they’re going to start heating up. Today we bring you the info on the variety, visuals, and even the feel of these weapons in breathtaking detail.

Gladiator, the swordsman!
The freely attacking and defending tank

The gladiator is a melee fighter that brings sword and board to battle and boasts a great variety of one-handed swords to choose from: from short swords to long swords, double-edged straight blades to single-edged curved blades. The variety is not just in his selection of weapons, but also the way he uses them. A gladiator can take up his shield to protect his allies, or leave one hand open to focus on attack power, and this flexibility in battle is sure to become his strength. The gladiator can also throw daggers at his enemies, adding even more to this diverse fighter.

(From left to right by picture, not text)

The Winged Blade, Hawktail
This sword has wing decorations on the hilt. Light, sharp, and elegant, this sword is popular among defensive swordsmen.

The All-Purpose Bastard Sword
This long sword has both the slashing power of the Ul’daha swords and the thrusting power of Ishgard’s.

The Ancient Gladius
This classic foot soldiers’ weapon is still used today in sword fighting. Though its reach is short, it makes up for it with a strong blade that is easy to swing.

(His shields are on the next page, to his right, top to bottom)

Round Shield
This widely used shield is often decorated with spiritually symbolic images.

The Mechanical Shield, Lantern Shield
This is a mechanical-type shield with a built-in lantern. The picture shows two swords built into the shield, but these are incredibly difficult to use.

Pugilist, the brawler!
The Martial Arts Punisher

This hand-to-hand fighter is a master in traditional arts of self-defense. Although his fists alone could be considered weapons, the pugilist specializes is using hand-to-hand weapons to increase their power in battle. However, the pugilist must stay in close to make his he lands his blows aimed at his opponent’s vitals. Some pugilists use chakrams to gain their opponents’ attention.

(From top to bottom)
Battle Claws, Baghnahks
Made with the image of a tiger’s claws in mind, these traditional Eastern claws rip into an opponent’s flesh. The claws can be tipped with poison.

Bone Fist, Hora
These weapons can be made from bone, horns, or shells. They are not very sturdy, but it is said that they hold the instincts of the animals from which its materials were taken.

Defensive Fist, Himantes
These are the official weapon used in the Ul’daha martial arts tournaments. This light weapon is made of leather and is known for the way it protects the user’s fist.

Heavy Fist, Cestis
Made of heavy metal rings wrapped in thick leather with protruding spikes, these weapons are widely valued for their use in deathmatches with monsters.

Iron Fist, Metal Knuckles
This is a weapon made from a ring of metal with one end held in the fighter’s hand. Because of the sheer weight of the weapon, the power of its blows separates it from the other weapons.

Today’s Famitsu also included information about the FFXIII campaign, saying that the campaign code will be available in the first wave of FFXIII packages released, including those bundled with the Lightning Edition. There will be a special site opened after service for FFXIV starts, and users that input their code there will receive a special in-game item for FFXIV, but this is a campaign for Japan only.

There you have it. I hope you enjoy this information, and let’s hope even more information isn’t far off!

Famitsu November 26th 002

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New Final Fantasy XIV Online Trailer

The music is absolutely amazing. All scenes seem shown in the trailer seem to be CGI but using the in game engine. I can’t wait.


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More FFXIV Information Coming in!


I hate to sound like a broken recored with FFXIV but the newest issue of Dengeki Magazine has several scans Found Here of some new character models of FFXIV. The information is currently being fully translated but here is some of the info that has been gathered thus far!

Hyuran (human)
Lalafell (taru)
Roegadyn (galka)


Haven’t seen any English names for the “new” Elvaans and Mithras, but a tentative romanization would be Elzen and Mikott.

Fighter and Sorcerers don’t look like classes to me, but rather groups of classes. Apparently, within the Fighter group, you have swordsmen and archers.


-Midlanders(lowland nation) and Highlanders (high ground nation), there exist two clans.

-Indigenous peoples of Eorzea
-Opposed to the Hyurans
-Developed hearing abilities

-Agricultural people of the south seas
-High intelligence
-Females appear to be scarce

The Hyuran are said to be the most prolific race of all Eorzea. This is pretty much in line with Vana’diel, as they again appear to take the role of “default race.” The article says that they migrated to Eorzea in large number from neighboring islands and continents. They brought with them great technology and innovation that raised the civilization of Eorzea to new heights (quite literally, judging from the trailer). Amongst the Hyuran, there is much variety in terms of language and culture. The two main classifications of Hyuran are “Midlanders” who migrated to lower areas and the “Highlanders” who migrated into the hills and mountains.

The Roegadyn are a muscular race that live near the Northern Sea. It appears that some work as hired mercenaries or bodyguards, but others lead a less noble life as pirates.

Miqo’te are cat-like people who are again known as fierce hunters. They are mainly separated into “Sunseekers” and “Moonkeepers.” They are a minority race in the land of Eorzea.
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More Final Fantasy XIV Details!


The Sept 2009 edition of Famitsu Wave has released in Japan with a DVD sporting an 8 minute section on Final Fantasy XIV that covered some more info.

-FFXIV world of ‘Haiderin’ is bigger then FFXI.

-Setting is a “high-fantasy” style differing from FFXI

-More advanced technology with a more modern setting.

-Some races will look familiar but will have different names.

-There will be no experience points. FFXIV revolved around “growth”.

-Many different quest and freedom to choose them that will allow your character to grow naturally.

-The job system will be kept with more added. Weapons will be the key to growth.

-Large scale battles are being considered.

-Music composed entirely by Uematsu

I personally can’t wait to see more info on this game. I’m hoping they figure out a way to tie in the hardcore FFXI fans with the more casual style of WOW playersl..


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