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GameRevolver’s Army of Two Review


Army of Two is one of those titles that I thought would go the way of Kane and Lynch. Two totally unlikable characters in a game with many problems. But here’s the second review I’ve seen of Army of Two that gives the game props. GameRevolver scores Army of Two really high in almost every category except Replay Value.

They summarize by saying:

Bottom line, EA has created a game that has captured our manhood, and hearts. This is truly a unique title, that has created a whole new way to play games. With any luck, we will see this one hit trilogy status in the next several years, as I just can’t get enough.

That’s pretty much the gist of the other review I saw, which I now forget the location of. Maybe I’ll just have to pick this one up sooner than I expected…

Article: Army of Two


Two vs. Two Trailer HD

Here’s another Army of Two trailer to gander at. Notice anything strange?


New Alone in the Dark 5 Trailer

Looks pretty good. I like the look of having the freedom to using items that are part of the environment as weapons and combining objects to make traps.

I’d much prefer some new Resident Evil 5 footage though.

Alone in the Dark 5 Trailer

There’s also an interview from Eurogamer with game Producer, Nour Polloni.

There’s mention of a playable demo on Xbox Live but not the PSN Network. I hope that’s an oversight in that he just forgot to mention a PSN demo exists, rather than a deliberate choice to deny PS3 owners the chance to try the game before it’s release.

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Army of Two – Two Man Trailer HD

I’m really hoping that they’ve got the issues with this game ironed out, because I don’t want to subject myself to crap.

Army of Two – Two Man Trailer HD


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