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Atlus has reason to celebrate: Catherine sold 200,000 in a week!

After they told us that “Catherine can boast the largest launch in the 20-year history of Atlus” and that the game “has exceeded our highest expectations”, we now can see why they’re so happy. The game sold 200,000 copies in a single week which puts it as one of the best selling Atlus releases in a while. Hope the game sells another 200,000 before the year is over so we can continue to get new IP from the fine folks at Atlus.


Catherine Q&A with Atlus (@PS Blog)

With Catherine’s release just around the corner the fine folks over at the Playstation.Blog have decided it was time to do a very informative Q&A session with the chaps from Atlus. Find out enough information to run out to pre-order this unique game and show some love to Atlus so they can continue to love us back!


Coming Soon to the PSN Store – Carnivores: Ice Age (minis)

Coming to PSN Store in August 2011, Beatshapers and Tatem Games united their forces again to bring the Carnivores: Ice Age, a sequel to popular Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter to PSP and PS3 platforms. It brings 5 huge explorable 3D maps, a variety of prehistoric ice age animals to hunt and a huge weapon palette to choose from.
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Konami Releases Beta Gameplay Footage of Famed Hero Simon Belmont from Castlevania Franchise

A Konami press release today showed a couple of high definition photos and video of the upcoming game Castlevania game. On a side note, make sure to keep it lock as we will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con covering all of the game industry booths and games that will be present there! Konami will host a special autograph signing by Hideo Kojima, as well as Yoji Shinkawa on Thursday, July 21. They will also hold a Costume contest with yours truly participating. You have to wait and see what I am bringing to the table! Peace!

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