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DMC4 Demo to Hit Japan PS Store Thu?

I really really hope so:

That’s the news we get from Capcom, formally letting the internet know that the demo will hit on Thurday 24th. Now whether this is going to be released on Xbox Live in Japan we can’t say, but it will certainly hit Japan’s Playstation Store.

I was going to avoid the demo to keep the game fresh but there’s no way I can resist a demo at this stage!


Eurogamer’s Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

I love my mindless button bashing DW games so I’ve been a bit envious that Japanese (and importers) have been able to play Dynasty Warriors 6 while I have to wait until March 7th to get my hands on it.

Reading Eurogamer’s review has only got me more excited for it:

The most obvious difference is (duh) the visual improvement. Now that it’s in high definition, a series of swooshing camera effects and spangly new animations bring the game more dramatically to life than ever before. Duels with enemy officers see surrounding troops blur into the background, Musou attacks are accompanied by a kaleidoscopic symphony of colour, and character animations are modelled on motion-captured martial artists, making them more convincing, more acrobatic, and generally just more insane. The most commonly levelled criticism of the series – bad guys emerging out of the mist – remains to some extent, except there’s no mist. But that’s because there’s more bad guys (by three or four times, apparently) and in any case, they behave more intelligently than in previous games.

To the trained, Dynasty Warriors-hardened eye, however, things are very different. There are all sorts of tweaks and new features that will only matter to people who have immersed themselves in the series so far. Now you can climb ladders, swim through water, ride boats, and smash through gates to reach strongholds that play a slightly more important role than before (and can be captured after you’ve eliminated any officers present). Some of the battlefields are populated with fearsome animals and certain characters are equipped with different weapons. And your character levels up in the midst of battles, though it’s only at the end of battles that you get to assign points in order to progress along a multi-branching skill tree.


Being able to swim and climb ladders will open up the environment a lot more giving it a more epic feel. It’s interesting that your character can level up during battle and you can assign experience points to improve different attributes.

Still no mention of being able to fully control the camera. :(

Eurogamer’s Dynasty Warriors 6 Review


New Dynasty Warriors 6 Video

A definite purchase for me, despite it’s many short comings. It’s due out March 7th for Europe…

New Dynasty Warriors 6 Video

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First Devil May Cry 4 Review

German magazine GamePro has the first review of possible Game of the Year 2008 contender (in my eyes 😛 ) Devil May Cry 4. Here is a rundown of the plus and minuses taken from NeoGAF:

+Beautiful animations and effects
– flickering shadows and edges
– sometimes too bright

+ A good mixture of Rock and Classical music
+ directional/ambient effect
+ Good (English) synchro
– often repeating tracks

+ Good controls
+ Camera
+ Lock On system
– A bit chaotic

Game design:
+ Non-stop action
+ Upgrade system
– Backtracking!
– No innovation
– Can become tedious

Story/ Game world:
+ Beautiful Setting
+ Cool cutscenes
– Story somewhat chaotic
– Bland main villain

+ Main Game
+ Two Characters
+ Many side missions
+ Additional Goodies


According to the game manual, the PS3 version also uses the motion controls, allows you to check out the worldwide rankings and see how your friends are doing in DMC4. You’ll also be able to view your own stats via the PSN:


When the game starts for the first time, Devil May Cry 4 game data will be installed on the PLAYSTATION®3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD). You must install the Devil May Cry 4 game data to play the game. Only one copy of the Devil May Cry 4 game data can be installed to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 4.8GB of free space is required to install the game data.


With the Motion Sensor ON, turn the controller left and right to move the camera.
To quickly set the camera behind your character, shake the controller vigorously.

I’ll be turning off the motion controls straight away. I’m not bothered about having to install 4.8GB onto the HDD though as it eliminates loading times.

I can not wait! 😈


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