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Everyday Shooter – Psychedelic

I have one word to describe Everyday Shooter, being released today on PSN for the PS3: psychedelic.


Quake Wars Teamwork Video

I’ve been keeping my eye on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It’s not on my purchase list right now, but it’s definitely on my rent-it-and-see list. The video below mentions that the game is about how well you work together with your teammates, and that this is more critical than individual ability. As well, it mentions objectives that, once gained, cannot be taken back by the enemy. That must be very satisfying if you obtain the objective, but very very frustrating if you’re denied it.

Anyway, here’s the video. Click the link below to see the HD version. – Quake Wars – Objective: Teamwork HD


Another Everyday Shooter Vid

I’m still of two minds about Everyday Shooter, a PSN title coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 this fall. Some of the video looks cool, while other parts just look too trippy for me. I hope there’s a demo…

Everyday Shooter (PlayStation Network), Trailer HD

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07aug07 PS3 News Roundup

Gamespot has some videos of the 360 version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This game is coming out for the PLAYSTATION 3 as well, so I thought some of you might be interested in this. It’s just crazy how many first-person shooters are comming out soon for the PS3.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Updated Hands-On and Gameplay Videos

Next up, IGN has a pretty good interview with the Harmonix folks about Rock Band. Of note, it looks like you’ll be able to sing with a headset as well as with the available microphone. So if you really wanted to, you could both sing and play guitar (or drums) at the same time, like Geddy Lee! As well, if you just care about drums, you can play through the game just on the drums. Or any other instrument of interest, for that matter.

Rock Band Post-E3 Interview

Yet another WWII shooter, Medal of Honor: Airborne, is coming to the PS3 in November. Games Radar has an interesting interview with EA about the game. The whole idea of dropping out of the sky and choosing where to enter battle is interesting to me. Especially because it means that the single player campaign won’t feel so much like you’re on rails.

Medal of Honor Airborne – Get ready to watch the skies – or drop out of them – in fast, intimately chaotic team skirmishes

While on the subject of shooters, please note that while keyboard and mouse support has been confirmed for UT3 on the PLAYSTATION 3, no support has yet been voiced for PC – PS3 play. Check out this interesting interview with Mark Rein about UT3. Can’t wait for those mods!

Joystiq interviews Unreal Tournament 3’s Mark Rein

And last up, N’Gai Croal doesn’t think that the PS3 is the reason for the delay of GTA IV. To sum up: Microsoft could have pushed Rockstar to release GTA IV without PS3.

Protect Ya Neck, Or, Informed Speculation on the Factors Behind Grand Theft Auto IV’s Delay

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