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‘The Eye Of Judgement’ Video

Here’s a cool little video of The Eye of Judgement.

Everyone is comparing it to the holographic chess board where R2D2 and Chewbacca battle it out in Star Wars: A New Hope. But I don’t know. Without Han Solo there to make snide comments about Wookiees and limbs being torn assunder, it’s just not the same thing…

Giving ‘The Eye Of Judgment’ A Whirl


I Might try Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I am currently re-reading The Magic of Recluse for what must be the fifth time. I am blessed (or cursed, as the case may be) with a really bad memory. So when I read a book I’ve already read, it is still quite an enjoyable experience for me. I sometimes remember some of the main plot points, but often I just forget almost everything and reading an old book is like reading a new one. Anyway, this book is a fantasy book set in a well-thought-out fantasy realm. And the book, incidentally, is where I got the name “Blackstaffer” from.

So anyway. All this to say that I’m interested in fantasy related things.

I saw this preview of the Oblivion Shivering Isles expansion, and I got to thinking. Now that I don’t update anymore, I’ve got more time on my hands. Why don’t I give this whole single-player RPG thing a try. Ages ago I tried Ultimate III (or was it Ultimate IV) on my Atari 800XL, and frankly I thought it was quite boring. But I’m a big fan of fantasy books, so maybe I’ll like a fantasy RPG.

From the preview below, and other things I’ve read and seen, Oblivion is supposed to be a pretty good game. Is there anybody reading this that played Oblivion as their first RPG, and enjoyed it?

First Impressions – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Shivering Isles


Eye of Judgement Demonstration

The Japanese PS3 site has a nice video demonstration of Eye of Judgement with Assistant Producer (or is he?), Yusuke Watanabe, chatting about various aspects of the Yu Gi Oh alike card game.

According to IGN, who translated what Watanabe-san had to say in the video interview, Eye of Judgement is only possible on the PS3:

“Eye of Judgment is a title that will deliver a brand new experience to the user. It’s a difficult concept, and we believe that it is something that can only be achieved on the PlayStation 3.”

The game works by using technology that scans 2D bar codes, known as Cyber Codes, which the camera picks up & then displays the monster & it’s attributes/actions that’s associated with the Cyber Code.

There will be a versus mode set over a 3×3 grid but there may also be the option to battle players from anywhere in the world over the PLAYSTATION online network.

As you may have probably guessed you don’t need to touch the PS3 controller to play Eye of Judgement as the cards do all the work. Just make sure to wipe your hands after munching on some Pork Scratchings before you touch the cards. 😉

It’s a nice little reminder for people who can’t wait to see more of this unique game at TGS ’06. My interest is high for this game.

Eye of Judgement Demonstration

IGN Translates Yusuke Watanabe


Enchanted Arms Set for PS3

Back in early August From Software announced that it had ceased productions on its PS3 titles, specifically calling time on the development of two titles announced at TGS 2005- Dark RPG and Black Blade.

That’s why I was taken a bit aback when From Software not only announced they were working on a PS3, but that it was also going to be a “near-launch” title. The title in question- Enchanted Arms- is a port of an xbox360 game recently released in the States and plays as a fairly traditional RPG with a Strategic Battle System. The game received fairly average reviews, but its porting suggest ties in with a growing sense of frustration from Japanese developers that xbox360 titles developed specifically for the region are failing to shift suitable numbers. The hope is clearly that a re-release on PS3 will provide a much needed boost to sales. The shot above is taken from the xbox360 version of the game. At this time it is unknown as to whether the PS3 will feature any graphical or gameplay changes.

IGN: Enchanted Arms Set for PS3

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