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In Game Screens of FFXIII & FFXIII Versus

These games are coming along nicely, click the link at the bottom for all the scans. Me personally am more interested in FFXIII Versus at the moment. Something different in the final fantasy series. I like the dark tone of the game. But I wonder if they’ll be summons in versus.


New FFXIII + vs XIII HQ scans

Translation of Pages 1 and 2

Page 1
“Fabula Nova Crystallis”: a Latin phrase meaning “A New Crystal Story”.

The newest edition in the “Final Fantasy” series has developed into a huge project of unprecedented dimension. The highest peak of RPGs will carve out a new history.

Page 2

After about a year of silence, we deliver to you information about these two titles underdevelopment for the Playstation 3.

New characters are revealed one after another!

Created by a large force, Cocoon, the floating shell in which society was shut away. Enormous machines and life forms borne by the Crystal protect this place, and it prospered. Regarded as a symbol of peace, the Crystal chooses individuals, attributes them their fate, and has created a world where it’s will is carried out. And, she was chosen. As the species of enemy who would destroy the world. She speaks nothing of herself, she is simply, “Lightning”.

A project which encompasses multiple titles.

The 13th edition in the Final Fantasy series has developed into multiple titles. Collectively, they are called “Fabula Nova Crystallis”. Each game’s setting, characters, and system are different. However, there is some similarities in their mythologies, and discovering these in different ways in the different titles is one of this magnificent project’s most attractive elements. Three titles are in development, FFXIII, FFversusXIII, and FF Agito XIII. Regarding FFXIII, within this year video footage running on PS3s is scheduled to be released to the public. Let’s satiate your appetite with some more information!


New Final Fantasy XIII & Versus Trailers

Square recently released a CLOUD DVD in Japan and on it are some new trailers for FFXIII and FFXIII Versus. I don’t have the DVD (anybody?) or any idea of what the DVD is about but I’m assuming this is one of the trailers on the DVD:

Pretty sweet. Can’t wait for this game. I still haven’t finished FFXII yet. I really should put more time into it now that I’m done with Oblivion.

New FFXIII Trailer

Here’s the FFXIII Versus trailer just for ehandlr:


Fatal Inertia Better on PS3?

Maybe it’s better that the PS3 gets a delayed version of a game for once:

The company is spending more time on it after the 360 version failed to ignite critical fuses when it was released in September. According to a spokesperson for the publisher, they’re polishing up technical areas and putting together a more enticing demo than Live customers were treated to.

I have to admit that Fatal Inertia doesn’t look like my kind of game. I’m a fan of racing games in general, but I don’t like the particular sub-genre wherein the vehicle doesn’t actually touch the road. You lose a sense of actually controlling the vehicle.

But if this version is that much better than the 360 version, then I’ll at least give it a rental.

Fatal Inertia better on PS3


Folklore Reviews

IGN are far more impressed with Folklore though:

Let’s just end our commentary by saying that a great deal of the magnificence in Folklore comes from the little details: the serenity within a field of bristling flowers and cascading petals, or the charm of a stairway that rings with laughter when your character’s foot falls upon it – these are just a few of the many moments that may bring an awed smile to your face.

Unfortunately, though the game is very enjoyable to play, the menu load time, framerate, and level repetition issues can detract from the gameplay experience. But we strongly recommend that you don’t let these concerns stop you from playing Folklore. This is one of the best titles to hit the PlayStation 3, and its eccentricity and charm are undeniable. Unless you’re just a straight adrenaline junkie, don’t miss your opportunity to witness the poetry and magic of this ethereal hit.

Hmm I played the demo and wasn’t blown away by it. I still haven’t done Oblivion or FFXII yet so I don’t know if I need another RPG. Then there’s the 6 or 7 must have games due out for the PS3 over the next 3 months. I don’t think I will have the time fit Folklore in.

GameTrailers Folklore Video Review

IGN Reviews Folklore


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