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GHIII on PS3 – Sigh

So I was just looking around on my lunch hour, and noticed that pre-sales of GHIII are doing pretty good for the Wii and 360 (18th and 20th on this list). The PS2 version is at 45th, but the PS3 version isn’t even in the top 100!

Are PS3 owners that musically uninclined?

You’ll also note that the PS3 version costs $10 more. Could that make the difference? (What a rip, BTW.) Also, the Wii and 360 product pages contain a video about the game. No video on the PS3 product page for Guitar Hero III. I’m starting to realize that Activision’s hate for the PS3 runs deep. It all started back with Call of Duty 3…

GHII PS3 at Amazon
GHII 360 at Amazon
GHII Wii at Amazon

[Edit: and while I’m on the topic of Guitar Hero III, I have to admit that the new GHIII Portal looks like it’s going to be pretty neato.]


Guitar Hero III by Eurogamer

Are you looking forward to Guitar Hero III next month? So am I. If you’d like get get some first impressions of the 360 version of the game from Eurogamer, follow the link below. I don’t think the PS3 experience will be much different.

It looks like Activision’s new Guitar Hero development team, Neversoft, is aquitting itself well. Considering that Harmonix had several music/rhythm games under its belt before tackling the original Guitar Hero, that’s quite an accomplishment.

I’ll probably pick up Guitar Hero III pretty soon after launch. And then I can use the GH3 guitar with Rock Band once that is released.

That’s my plan, anyway. Any other Guitar Hero fans around here?

First Impressions – Guitar Hero III

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Guitar Hero 3 Complete Song List?

Wanna see the complete Guitar Hero 3 song list (supposedly)? Just follow the link below. Here are the first two sets:

Tier 1:
Foghat- Slow Ride
Poison- Talk Dirty to Me
Pat Benatar- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Social Distortion- Story of My Life

Encore: Kiss- Rock and Roll All Nite
Co-op Encore: Beastie Boys- Sabotage

Tier 2:
Mountain- Mississippi Queen
Alice Cooper- School’s Out
Cream- Sunshine of Your Life
Heart- Barracuda

Boss: Tom Morello- Guitar Battle
Encore: Rage Against the Machine- Bull’s on Parade
Co-op Encore: The Strokes- Reptilia

Guitar Hero 3 Complete Song List and Bosses Leaked

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Guitar Hero 3 Soundtrack Vid

Here’s a video that plays a bunch of clips of songs from the upcoming game, Guitar Hero 3. Like previous Guitar Hero games, I like some songs, and others not so much. But that’s normal. The good thing here is, they seem to have more songs of the type I like. And Guitar Hero 3’s choice of the band Dragonforce has turned me onto a new band! Dragonforce is now in my Amazon shopping cart…

BTW, if you follow the link below, you’ll also find much longer versions of these songs.

Playable Guitar Hero 3 Soundtrack / Song List and Links to Preorder Guitar Hero 3

PS We’ll be able to use the GH3 guitar in Rock Band, right? Right? What about playing GH1 and GH2 on the PS3 with the GH3 guitar? Any word on that?

[Preoder GH3 at Amazon]

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