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PlayStation Home Beta Videos – Full Walkthrough

Even if the rest of use can’t get into the Home Beta at least we can see it. The character creation is pretty detailed, I’m impressed. I have a sinking feeling in my gut that the public beta of home may never come 🙁 Spring 2008 is so far away.

More videos at the link below.

PlayStationHome’s Videos


Home Beta Updated – build 0.7.7

Sadly there still isn’t a date for the public beta other than late November / early December. But at least they are still making updates. I couldn’t find any media on this yet.

* There’s a new building in the world, although it’s currently one that can be entered
* You are finally able to enter your Home Space’s patio
* You can now use your own pictures in your Home Space
* A game launching option has been added, though it is not functioning completely at the present time
* The cinema’s movie theatres have transferred from the second floor to the first floor
* America, Japan, and Europe each have their own server now



Heavenly Sword Impressions

There’s been a lot of unfair criticism of Heavenly Sword, much like the PS3 itself in my view. Having purchased the game on Friday and finally finishing it today, I thought I’d share my views on one of the best games (in my opinion, if that wasn’t clear enough for you) currently available for the PS3.

Firstly, a little warning to those that haven’t yet finished the game or those that intend to buy it but haven’t got round to it yet. This post will contain a few spoilers. Continue reading at your own peril. 🙂


The game starts off with you on a battlefield outnumbered by 1000s of enemy soldiers. Dozens of enemies attack you at once with hundreds more surrounding you, waiting for their chance to attack. It’s a breathtaking start to the game.

This, I believe, is also where some people get the impression that it’s a similar game to the Dynasty Warriors series. It’s not. It’s more akin to Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or God of War than the DW games.

After slicing up a few hundred men and using the super cool Superstyle moves, Nariko seemingly dies holding the cursed Heavenly Sword.

She then awakens on an empty plain, which is where you start every new chapter. Brilliantly, you can select any chapter or an individual stage from each chapter once you’ve completed it, meaning you can replay any section that you want in order to collect all the glyphs from each stage, or maybe you just want to replay a certain section of the game for the fun of it.

Either way, it’s a great option for players to have.

The story then goes back 5 days before Nariko picks up the Heavenly Sword, in the run up to the invasion of King Bohan and his massive army. You then battle your way through the 5 days that leads to Nariko’s downfall.

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Heavenly Sword Reviews

Seems as though it’s style over substance with very little incentive to replay through it once completed, not to mention it’s very short. I still want to play it but I might wait until it’s pretty cheap, around the £20 mark, but it’s very disappointing that it’s so short and offers no reason to play through it again, after completion.

Heavenly Sword Video Review

Edit: 1up gave Heavenly Sword an 8

GameInformer gave Heavenly Sword an 8.75


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