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Some New Killzone 2 Footage

Just skip to the 5 minute mark. Shows some more game play. The animation when the enemies get shot are very life like. It shows a rocket launcher as well.

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Killzone 2 Beta Starting Soon? [Update: False]

I got a message from one of my buddies on the PS3. And he sent me these photos. He hasn’t got into the Beta though. Has anybody else got something like this? And if there is a sign up for it, count me in!

Has Sony set up Beta account on the PSN for Beta invites? I’ll keep you updated if I hear any more.

[Update: Sorry this looks like a fake, oh well]

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Killzone 2’s Lighting Engine

Below is a link to an interesting article about Killzone 2’s lighting engine. Some of it, obviously, you have to take with a grain a salt. Like the fact that “The closer to the nozzle the wood fragments are – the brighter the light will be“. Well, duh! Even the very first lighting models invented 3 decades ago did that.


But what I found most interesting is that it said that none of the lighting effects are baked in. That is, if you turn off all the lights in a scene, you’ll get complete darkness because no lighting effects are in the textures. I wonder if this is indeed the case (given the somewhat sensationalistic nature of this article). But if it is true, I have to wonder if the developers will make proper use of this. Can I shoot out lights to make a room darker? If I shoot out a light above me before the enemy arrives, will the enemy see me? All sorts of possibilities open up…

» Killzone 2’s Lighting Engine: Overview

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25jul07 PS3 News Roundup

The Heavenly Sword demo is coming tomorrow. If you’d like to know what to watch out for in the demo, check out this link with some tips and tricks to use when playing the game. It’s great to have an insider’s view to help you around a new gaming world!

Heavenly Sword Demo: A Ninja’s Guide to Success

The big news in racing game circles is the upcoming PS3 game, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It’s meant to give you a taste of the full GT5 experience, but seems to have enough heft to make it enjoyable in its own right.

Follow the 1UP link below for more, but here’s one thing they mention about the game:

My Page: When the game starts, a My Page screen will also appear. In the final version, Yamauchi hopes to include a friends list as well. There will be several background images for the My Page screen such as Tokyo and other cities, but will also include sceneries of both outdoors and indoors. There is also a weather forecast displayed so that other players will know which geographic location you are in and how the weather is there.

Very interesting…

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Online Details news from

If you prefer shooting in tandem over racing, then Army of Two, coming out this November, may be more to your liking. Eurogamer gives some first impressions of this dark and rough co-op shooter.

First Impressions – Army of Two

Last up, I want to point you to IGN’s Killzone comparison. It makes for an interesting read…

IGN’s Killzone Comparison

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