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Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo in February

This scan is from the latest issue of PSW magazine. I hope this is true, I want to try this out! I’ve loved the MGS series since the first one. I actually saw a commercial for MGS1 and right after the commercial I went out and bought it. I have never regretted that purchase or any of the other MGS’s for that matter :)

MGS4 Demo Coming To PSN in February


New MotorStorm Tracks: Verdict

Well, I now know why the two new MotorStorm tracks only cost $2.99US and $3.99Cdn (ripped off again!). They’re SHORT!

Put the two tracks together, and they’re still not as long as some original MotorStorm tracks. First I played Diamondback and was surprised by how short it was (about 40 seconds). It’s a good, fun track, but still. So I figured the other track would be a lot longer. So I tried Eagle’s Nest and it’s about the same length!

Diamondback is actually a figure-8 track, which will make things rather interesting once more cars are on the track. (I just played Time Attack mode.) Why? Because there’s no bridge where the tracks cross!

Man, this game would be so much more fun if it had splitscreen…

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Due Today


Two New MotorStorm Tracks Due Today

Diamondback Speedway and Eagle’s Nest are two new tracks for MotorStorm that you should be able to purchase online today. The map pack costs what is actually a pretty reasonable sum: $2.99.


I’m still a little sore that more tracks weren’t part of the original game. And I don’t really play MotorStorm much, though I would if it had splitscreen! But a small part of me tells me that these tracks look oh so cool and that I really should be checking them out. Doh!

Must … resist …

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow


Monster Madness Screenshots

Monster MadnessI’m always on the lookout for four-player games, since I’m very much into the whole social gaming thing. So it was with disappointment that I saw that Monster Madness was only released on the 360. That disappointment was somewhat ameliorated when I played the demo on my friend’s 360. It was rather confusing, and I wasn’t sold on the game.

Now a new improved version of the game is coming out for the PS3, and I have to evaluate all over again whether or not I should bother with this title. For now I think I’ll rent it when it comes out.

Some of the improvements:

– customisable character costumes with power-up properties
– 4-player co-op either online or offline
– 25 new co-op challenge missions

Sounds good to me! I’m still hoping I’ll have more fun with it than others seem to have…

[via N4G]

Monster Madness: Extreme – PS3


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