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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trailer

It’s a little unusual that the one disc based title that I’m most looking forward to on the PS3 between now and September, is a remake of a 2 year old Xbox game. 😆

As bizarre as it sounds that’s the current situation I find myself in. It’s a good job the game in question is heralded as one of the best games in the Action Adventure genre, 2nd only to Devil May Cry of course 8) .

I hope it gets good reviews or I’m going to be one very disappointed gamer.


Nucleus PS3 Preview

Haven’t we seen this before? Blasting little micro-organisms to little bitty pieces? I’ll forgive you if you’re confused, because this post is not about Blast Factor. It’s about another downloadable game, coming to a PS3 near you, called Nucleus. It’s developed by Kuju’s Surrey studio.


1UP describes the game like this:

For instance, Nucleus doesn’t take place in outer space, but in “Inner Space” (no relation to the film, as far as we know). And instead of shooting aliens, you fight bacteria while swimming around blood cells and collecting proteins. Players control a “remote unit” which looks a bit like a sperm cell. It, ahem, squirts, shoots, and deploys protein bombs (once enough protein has been collected). To gain more protein, players need to shoot cells that release it.

I hope that this game is a lot better than Blast Factor was. It certainly looks prettier, and uses more of the screen. (That’s a pet peeve of mine about Blast Factor.) Truth to tell, I still like the look of Super Stardust HD better. We’ll have to see once these games come out…

Nucleus Playstation 3 Preview

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Ninja Gaiden Demo Coming to PSN

According to IGN, a demo of Ninja Gaiden is coming to the PSN near the end of April:

In the latest issue of Japan’s Famitsu Weekly, Ninja Gaiden Sigma director Yosuke Hayashi revealed plans to make a playable demo of the game available on the PlayStation Network starting 4/27. The demo will include one specially created chapter that won’t be in the final version and will allow players to use a large number of weapons from the start.

Normally I wouldn’t get this kind of game, but I’ll definitely check out the demo to see what all the fuss is about. I just hope that it comes to the North American PSN as well…

Ninja Gaiden Demo Coming to PSN


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Tidbits

Who invented the word ‘tidbit’ to describe small bits of info? 😐 Anyway, C& had a little chat with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Director Yosuke Hayashi, and he has made the lofty claim that “Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be the number one action game.” Oh, I think you’ll find DMC4 has that spot reserved thank you very much. 8)

He also states that the game is at 50% and it’s looking very impressive, now that the devs are more familiar with the PS3 hardware. He also says that the PS3 hard drive will be used to eliminate annoying loading screens. As for the PLAYSTATION Network, you will be able to view worldwide scores and rankings for each player if that floats your boat.

So that’s some tidbits for you. Bring it on baby! There’s room for both Devil May Cry 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma in my games collection.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Tidbits


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