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PixelJunk Monsters on Remote Play

The upcoming PixelJunk Monsters game for the PS3 will be playable on the PSP via remote play. Cool stuff. My PSP needs more uses. (Seriously.) I recently got the very cool Beats, and now I heard this news. Great stuff.

The action looks a little slow. Hopefully it’ll be faster in later levels…

PixelJunk Monsters joins the Remote Play line-up

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PixelJunk Monsters

I like Desktop Tower Defense, and I know some people that are really really hooked on it. It’s a fun game, and now those PixelJunk dudes are set to make a similar PS3 game they call PixelJunk Monsters.


It’s set to be released in January, if I remember correctly. I hope that they’re coming out with a demo too, because I’d like to give this thing a whirl before buying. Then again, the price of these things is pretty cheap…

Monster Madness

Level Up got a chance to interview Dylan Cuthbert from PixelJunk, and it makes for a good read. Check it out:

The Dylan Cuthbert Interview, Part I
The Dylan Cuthbert Interview, Part II


Welcome To Paradise City Trailer

I really wish this game had splitscreen…

Burnout Paradise – Welcome To Paradise City Trailer HD


IGN.UK Reviews PES 2008

There’s probably not many UK/European readers of this site (there’s a few :wink: ), probably even less that follow football (soccer :roll: ), but I’ve been waiting for PES 2008 for 2 years. The wait is almost over!

IGN.UK has reviewed the first Pro Evo game on the PS3 and they loved it:

Seabass and his team have come good, then. Next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 captures the essence of the original games perfectly, gives it an HD injection and takes the AI to the next level. It’s by no means perfect: the frame-rate drops when the screen gets really busy, usually during a quick clearance when the box is flooded with players or, occasionally, during a replay. But, when you’re actually stuck into the action, it’s likely you won’t really notice or indeed care. Of course, some players will think that a drop in frame-rate on a machine as powerful as PS3 is an absolute travesty and, in some respects, they’d be right. But if a flaw as incidental as this prevented said players from buying PES 2008 altogether, they’d be missing out on the most realistic, intelligent and enjoyable football experience on console yet.

7 days and this will be dominating my PS3! After I’ve edited all the correct names, teams, stadium etc but it’s worth it. FIFA never stood a chance. 8)

IGN.UK Reviews PES 2008