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Quake Wars Teamwork Video

I’ve been keeping my eye on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It’s not on my purchase list right now, but it’s definitely on my rent-it-and-see list. The video below mentions that the game is about how well you work together with your teammates, and that this is more critical than individual ability. As well, it mentions objectives that, once gained, cannot be taken back by the enemy. That must be very satisfying if you obtain the objective, but very very frustrating if you’re denied it.

Anyway, here’s the video. Click the link below to see the HD version. – Quake Wars – Objective: Teamwork HD


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Quake game in the pipeline, and it’s not your usual Quake. This Quake has a couple things that previous quakes haven’t had: roles and goals. Read the Quake Wars preview over at IGN to get some more details…



Okay. What do ya think? I’m a shooter fan, though I don’t live and breath those games to the degree many whackos intense gamers do. But I still get a kick out of running around and blasting away at nouns (people, places, things). So not only am I looking forward to games like GRAW2, Army of Two, and Unreal Tournament, I’m also curious to see what the old die-hards over at Activision have in store for Quake Wars.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Preview

[Edit: here’s a Quake Wars interview.]


Q*Bert Coming to PS3

Back in the good old days when televisions came in both black&white and colour, my brothers and I would play games on our Atari. Games like Ballblazer, Joust, Galaxian, Archon, QIX, and Q*Bert. Ah, those were the good old days. When men were men and games were quick & fun.

Earlier this year we heard that Joust was coming to the PS3, and I rejoiced. (Now I’m just trying to sniff out exactly when it’ll come.) Today I hear that Q*Bert is coming to the PS3 and I don’t rejoice so much. I just don’t think the game was that good. Bouncing up and down on a triangular grid of cubes gets tiring really fast.

Ah well. For those of you with high threshholds of gaming boredom, maybe this game will find it’s way into your checkout basket at the Sony Online Store. But not me.

Q*Bert PLAYSTATION®3 Downloadable Game – Classic Arcade Game

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