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Ratchet & Clank PS2 Collection to PS3: Hummm, maybe…

… but not from Insomniac Games. They could support Sony, if there is enough interest, though. That’s what the Burbank-based independent studio twitted a couple days ago, in response to a possibility of a compilation of R&C PS2 games:

“We won’t make it, but we’d support Sony if they decided to do it!”

At first, I thought it should be a good idea playing with my favorite lombax and his fellow robot in high definition. Then, I just realized that I already played with the duo in glorious high definition, and three times! First, in R&C: Tools of Destruction. Then, the PSN title R&C: Quest for Booty (disc-based in Europe), and finally R&C: A Crack in Time.

What do you think? Should it be a good idea to bring back those PS2 titles? Or we should just move along and wait for a brand new adventure from Insomniac?



Rock Band Premium Drum Set

Ion has put up the web site for their new premium electric drum set for Rock Band.


This looks like a virtual drummer’s dream: very high end materials and everything is fully adjustable. Wow. The standard Rock Band drum kit is still very nice and much more affordable, but if you take drums seriously, and don’t mind the price ($300), this is perfect.


With the first Rock Band, Drums really took over as the most polished and realistic of the three instrument types. Now, they are really taking the drum experience up a notch.

Other instruments are harder to adapt to the Amplitude/Guitar Hero style formula, but I hope we see some high quality efforts like this.

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Rocketmen Demo

Last night I had my friend Steve over to play some videogames, and before we started in earnest (we finally finished Baldur’s Gate II) we gave the new Rocketmen: Axis of Evil demo a whirl.

While not exactly the worst top-down shooter I’ve played, it’s far from the best. Which is really a shame because this game could have been so much better. It has a fun cartoony look to it and some interesting characters, but this game falls down in several areas:

  1. The cutscenes are too often and too long.
    The cutscenes were fun at first. But after a while we just starting skipping them. They just kept us away from the action, and it was quite annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad if the developers made fewer of them and kept them a lot shorter.
  2. Did I mention the stupid camera?
    Say you and your buddy go left. Both of your characters will end up on the far left of the screen, desperately trying to get the screen to follow. So that when you encounter some baddies, you and the baddies are on the far left of the screen with a large swath of unused real-estate to the right. Quite stupid, and this totally wrecks the game.
  3. Bad graphics.
    I know that this is a budget title and I shouldn’t expect too much, but man, this game looks literally like it could have been on the PS2. Literally.

Ah well, better luck next time.

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil


Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Capcom is releasing an arcade game Rocketmen: Axis of Evil onto PSN today. How come I never heard of it? It has 4 player co-op action, so I hope there’s a demo. Co-Optimus had this to say:

Capcom’s newest addition to their arcade lineup is called Rocketmen: Axis of Evil. The game is based on a popular WizKids product line. The game is a dual analog shooter with RPG elements. Think of an RPG version of Smash TV. You can create and customize a male or female character based on one of three classes (Fighter, Engineer, Outcast), as well as one of three races (Human, Mercurian or Venusian).

The game launches today on PSN for $9.99. (It’s on XLA too, BTW.)

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Now Live


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