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Boba Fett Revealed to be in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Haden Blackman, the executive producer and writer of the Force Unleashed video game series, announced at the Comic-con, that Boba Fett would make an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. He also told USA Today, that they, “didn’t want to just throw Boba Fett or other characters in the game just for the sake of making a fan appearance. But it really made sense for (Vader) to hire Boba Fett. He’s one of those characters that really resonates with fans. That cool masked man (with) all the gadgets, he’s a bounty hunter, which has got to be a life of adventure and danger. Boba Fett really has become a rich character over time, and for us to have him show up in a small but pivotal role was exciting.”


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is set to be released on Oct. 26, 2010.


Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: Pre-Order

Activision was at Comic-Con this week and released details on the final 4 worlds that will be featured in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. They are the comic book classic “Amazing Spider-Man”, The 1930’s based “Nior” that has a dark steampunk feel, The bright fast tracked world of the “2099” universe, and finally the Black costumed “Ultimate” universe where Spidey has control over the symbiote.

Now that the final details have been revealed for Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. The pre-order offers have also been revealed with no less than 5 different retailers taking part.

Spiderman Preorder

The Game Stop Pre-Order includes Cosmic Spider-Man the has an different costume for each of the 4 different Spider-Men in the game. There is also a special attack that’s only available with this Pre-Order.

The Pre-Order includes an 32 page book that features concept art of the development of the game. It also includes an unlock code for The Iron Spider costume built by Tony Stark that can be worn in the 2099 universe.*

The Wal-Mart Pre-Order features a 20 page comic book that tells the tale of the Shattered Dimensions story. No costume unlock is listed with this Pre-order.

The K-Mart Pre-Order includes an unlock code for Scarlet Spider costume that is worn by Ben Reilly… Peter Parkers clone and can be worn in the Amazing universe.*

The Best Buy Pre-Order includes an unlock code for the Negative Zone costume that’s close to whats seen in Spider-Man 3 that can be used in the Noir universe.*

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Comic-Con 2010 Thursday Program Schedule to Include SW:ForceUnleashed 2 and AC:Brotherhood

So far the games announced to be reviewed at Comic-Con are Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 and Assassians Creed 3: Brotherhood. The bad news is that both of them are at the same time. I am curious as to if they are really going to announce or show anything different than what they did at E3. I should be on hand for at least one of these, and will keep you posted. Here’s what the official site says about the programs:
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Spiderman Shattered Dimensions 3rd Dimension Character Announced

The 3rd character from Spiderman dimensions has been revealed to be Spiderman from 2099. The last costume will be revealed at ComicCon, and I will be there live to let you know the details.

They have also announced that it will be available to play on the ComicCon floor. Ultimate Spiderman is the favorite choice, however I feel it’s too similar to the usual Spiderman costume and assume it will be something a little different. Possibly a What If? Spiderman, like What If Spiderman had become the Hulk, or his future daughter Spidergirl, etc. What do u think?


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