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Tekken 6 Items Moves Shown

They don’t really do much damage, sometimes none, just something fun to do 😀 Paul’s hair can grow very tall, lol. Asuka has a sword it seems. Bruce can lay chickens. Leo has a gun he fires.

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Finally a quality Tekken 6 Video

Kuma vs Kazuya Tekken 6
The website wouldn’t let me embed the video here. So you’ll have to click the link below to view the video. It’s a match between Kuma and Kazuya.

The graphics look amazing in this video. It’s not a HD video but it’s a very clean video. Best I’ve found. One thing I noticed is when the characters gets slammed into the ground, the crater doesn’t magically disappear like in Tekken 5 DR when they hit hammered into the ground again. So there are craters all over once the match is done. Even the sun comes out while they are fighting. Cool stuff!


Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinet with actual PS3 inside

This is a video of clerk resetting a Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinet in Japan. Guess what shows up! The XMB, lol. Guess there is no need for a arcade port 😛 I’m hoping this is out early 08 …


Tekken 6 – Final Boss :: Spoiler Alert ::

His name is Azazel. He’s so huge he barely fits on the screen. He has several ice-based attacks at his disposal. Seems like he’s pretty easy to beat with juggles. Armor King has some new moves that work well. I’m going to study that video more closely later :)

These videos are from the arcade machines in Japan. Still no word on when it comes to the PS3 … :(


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