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Vib Ribbon on PS3?

My favourite music game has got to be Frequency. I think it’s better than all 3 of its sequels – Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and Guitar Hero II. But, of course, I have all those games on my PS2 and enjoy my HDTV’s mosh pit with my friends. I’m also looking forward to Guitar Hero III this fall (now by Activision) as well as Garage Band (by Harmonix/MTV/EA).

Now I can add another game to my music-games-to-look-forward-to list. Well, maybe.

It looks like the creator of the cult PSOne hit Vib Ribbon is thinking about how to get his music game creation onto the PS3. I’ve never played the original Vib Ribbon, but it sounds really cool! The best part about the game is that it takes a song from any CD you put into your PlayStation, and uses that as the basis for a game level. That is so liberating! (Of course, some songs are a lot more fun to play that others, from what I hear.) I am sick and tired of video games force-feeding me crap music and telling me all about the stupid band that I care nothing about. I want to play my games to my music. And that’s what Vib Ribbon promises.

Can’t wait.

Could Vib Ribbon go to PLAYSTATION Network?


Virtua Fighter 5 Import Review

C& has reviewed the Japanese version of Virtua Fighter 5 and to get to whether it’s a quality game or not, they gave it 9.1 out of 10. The following quote sums up what they think of it:

This is a true technical marvel of a PS3 title, a game that defines what ‘next-gen’ should stand for. And it’s all thanks to the arcade work of Sega’s AM-2 division that we have this picture-perfect PS3 conversion to talk about.

So it’s good then. 😆 There is no online play which is disappointing and the SIXAXIS doesn’t seem to best suited to VF5 but they liked the game a hell of a lot despite a few niggling issues and the lack of online play. Click the link below for the full review. Surely the Western version will have online play?

Japanese Import Review of Virtua Fighter 5


Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Vid

I used to love my 2D beat em ups on the PSone, especially Tekken, but I haven’t played a single 2D/3D beat em up on my PS2 at all. This is strange because I love Martial Arts and I really enjoyed Tekken at the time aswell, but my interest in the genre just hasn’t been there. My head may have been turned back towards this genre after watching Virtua Fighter 5 in action.

They have done a good job differentiating between the various Martial Arts featured in the game and, quite frankly, it looks great! The Street Wrestling vid is quite cool with the rain soaked ground and bodies looking pretty nice. VF5 is also rumoured to be 1080p compatible, although this has not been officially confirmed.

I might be tempted to pick this up at some point, I just hope you are able to do submissions or a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu type fighter is in the game…

Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Videos


Virtua Tennis 3 Video Demonstration

Below you can see a lovely Japanese woman talk and play her way through Virtua Tennis 3 on the PS3. Everything is demoed from menus, to options, to invites from players, to mini games etc. It’s a good job there’s a translator present! 😉

Unfortunatley, the video shows off just how badly implemented the SIXAXIS tilt control is in Virtua Tennis 3. Or maybe she just needs more practice using those controls. I’m just glad the controls are optional. The video clocks in at over 16 mins so if you need the toilet go now. Or just pause it. 😕

Virtua Tennis 3 Demo

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