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[Review] Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

This is a the story of a faraway land. 2000 years before the current era.

Avrul, god of creation made the Draguun, a race of beings bearing the bloodline of the dragon gods. They excelled in the mystic arts and built a prosperous civilization, ruling over the world for many years. However, the Draguun were also an arrogan people, and eventually fell to the powerful magics that they themselves created. After the disappearance of the Draguun, wars broke out amongst the remaining, uncontrolled racers until in the land of Athals, the empire of Darua united the peoples of their land.

Thus began the age of Athals.

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WARP coming to PSN

Warp is a the story of Zero, a small alien trying to escape from a human testing facility. You will be equipped with a set of skills that will aid you through your journey. Don’t let the cute cuddly little alien picture shown below fool you, as Zero’s abilities and your choice of play can determine if your experience will be stealth based or simply gory! Through-out the game you will collect grubs, which you will use to purchase upgrades for Zero. Trapdoor has also included a rewarding in-game stats tracking system and global leaderboards for you perfectionists.

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The Witcher 2 RPG for PC is Believed to be Coming to PS3

The trailer for this game was just released and looks awesome. The original Withcher was supposed to be coming to the PS3, but was canned for different reasons. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is said to be coming to consoles, but is being developed primarily for the PC. Let’s hope this makes it to the PS3 as it looks really good.


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Teeny Tinsy Video of Warhawk APC

warhawk_small_apc.jpgIf you don’t mind watching postage-stamp sized videos of new videogame features, then check out the link below. It shows someone driving around the new APC in the PS3 game Warhawk. This patch hasn’t been released yet, and as far as I know, no release date has been given.

The video shows off the ability for people in the APC to man turrets. It shows the fact that the APC drives faster than a tank but slower than a jeep. It has some kind of nitro speed burst thingy whose usefullness is questionable.

It also has the ability to drop an energy field that’ll make it pretty hard for the enemy to get past. Hopefully that doesn’t unbalance play too much.

This is going to be a free update, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

New Video of Warhawk APC News from The Game Reviews

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