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Next Yakuza Title Announced for Japan

There is a new Yakuza title in development for PS3. Apparently, the previous Yakuza title, “Kenzan”, was a spin-off from the main series, and was not the official Yakuza 3 as previously believed.

If you are confused, here is a quick overview:

Game Title Console Japan Release USA + Europe Release
Yakuza PS2 Dec 2005 Sep 2006
Yakuza 2 PS2 Dec 2006 Sep 2008
Yakuza: Kenzan PS3 Mar 2008 Unknown
Yakuza 3 PS3 Unkown Unknown

Here’s a pic from PS3 Yakuza Kenzan featuring a character played by the famous model Yinling of Joytoy



Yakuza 2 Coming with Subtitles

Yakuza 2 Coming to the West with english subtitles Way nicer than a dubbed voice over.

Sega, how about Yakuza 3? Does it really take two or three years to localize for the west?


Yakuza 3 Demo Now Out!

Head over to the Japanese Store to download 2 separate demos of the game! Here are some game play footage from the demo. I have this downloading at home via remote play. Wish I didn’t have work today, lol.

If the videos don’t load check out the link at the bottom to download the videos directly.

Demo: Bow

Demo: Geisha

Demo: Combat

You can download HD versions here:


Yakuza 3 Demo Mid January

The exclusive PlayStation 3 game Yakuza 3 will have a demo released on the PlayStation Network in mid-January! The game will take place during the 1605 period. I must have this :) But please give us the option to have Japanese voices with English subtitles. The game is out March 6th in Japan for $75, no word on other regions yet.

If you don’t have a Japanese PSN account, better make one now. You don’t need to enter any credit card info. You just need a Japanese address. So get to it.

Sega to release Yakuza 3 demo on PSN Japan in mid-January

Check out this Japanese TV Spot


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