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Multiplayer DLC for God of War III? Early April Fools?

A scan of a French Official Playstation Magazine has popped up over at the GameTrailer forums. The scan supposedly shows a multiplayer DLC for God of War III.

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God of War 3 1.01 Patch Released

There was a small update for God of War 3, it’s only 5377KB. It fixes wireless controller issues some people where having. Thanks for the heads up Sinlock.


Interview with T.C. Carson, the voice of Kratos

One of the factors that defines Kratos’ anger and rage is his voice. Once Kratos opens his mouth you know that someone is about get their body ripped in half. His voice adds to the adrenaline pump that the amazing action scenes already give you in God of War, and Terrence C. Carson has done an awesome job of giving that voice to Kratos.

Check out this interview with T.C. Carson as he talks about what its like in voicing an angry character who is determined to bring Olympus down.

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God Of War III Nutritional Information

Contains 6007% of your daily Saturated Fun content!

Source Kotaku via Joystick Division.


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