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God of War: Ascension “From Ashes” Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

Here is the full-length version of “From Ashes,” the live action trailer for God of War: Ascension, featuring a special arrangement of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On.” A special one minute edition of this video will be played at some point during this weekends super bowl. (That’s a real life sports game involving a football, something that looks like Family Guy’s, Stewie’s head, that a lot of people watch.)

Anthony Caiazzo, the senior product marketing manager at SCEA said that, “This is just about the biggest production we’ve ever undertaken for a God of War commercial or trailer — or for any PS3 game for that matter. We are very proud of how it turned out, and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

That red PS3 ultra slim looks pretty nice. I may have to find some funds for one. 😉


God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Coming Soon; New Trailer

It was announced today that a multiplayer beta will be available soon for God of War: Ascension. As you may know, the God of War franchise has traditionally been a single player experience, but with the announcement of Ascension earlier this year, it was revealed that the title would also have a multiplayer component.

According to the Official Blog, it’s 4v4, with some co-op moments in the gameplay. You can create your warrior and show your allegiance to either Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades; each god has its own special abilities for their warriors.

It’s an interesting looking multiplayer mode. Here’s hoping it delivers.

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God of War Movie Gets its Writers

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, best known for writing four of the Saw movies, have been hired to write a new script based on the God of War franchise.

Melton and Dunstan most recently worked on Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movie Pacific Rim, which is basically giant robots fighting giant monsters. Giants? Sounds like a God of War thing to me!

Atlas Entertainment and Universal are producing the film.


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E3 2012: God of War Ascension Gameplay

Oh how I have loved the God of War games. In my opinion, they are among the coolest of titles on PlayStation. Some might say that the series may be overstaying its welcome, but I say as long as the story’s good, and they keep the gameplay as fluid as it has always been, bring it!

At E3 this year, Sony showed off some very intense gameplay from the next title in the GOd of War series, Ascension, which still has the series’ signature fast-paced, bloody action and an assortment of mythological creatures (with this one showing off some new ones, including what is likely going to be a future boss fight sticking its tentacles where they don’t belong). Anyone else looking forward to this one?

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