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Game Updates Bring Remote Play for Vita on Select Titles

Earlier today, a couple updates went live for two PS3 games, the God of War collection and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection, that enable the remote play feature on the PlayStation Vita to handle these games. This means people that own those two games for PS3 can now stream them to their Vitas via the aforementioned Remote Play feature.

For those wondering about L2 and R2 inputs, those can be mapped to the rear touchpad, which, in my opinion, is a good way to map them. Maybe we’ll see even more titles that use it in the future? Would you be more inclined to pick up a Vita if more software supported this feature?


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God of War Movie Gets its Writers

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, best known for writing four of the Saw movies, have been hired to write a new script based on the God of War franchise.

Melton and Dunstan most recently worked on Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movie Pacific Rim, which is basically giant robots fighting giant monsters. Giants? Sounds like a God of War thing to me!

Atlas Entertainment and Universal are producing the film.


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God of War: Omega Edition

Feast your eyes on this remarkable edition of God of War. The Omega edition, exclusively for the fans in Latin America, will be available this November. It will include God of War Collection, God of War Origins Collection, and God of War III in one box, along with a great statue of Kratos, and a steelbook case.


God of War – Kratos Looking To Return?

God of War III was ‘officially’ the last God of War in the series. Sony did mention prior to GOW3’s release that it would be Kratos’ last outing. [spoiler intro=”End of GOW3″]
Kratos went straight to the top – after finshing off the likes of Poseidan, Hades, Helios and his half-brother Hercules, he fulfilled his vengeance by killing off Zeus towards the end of the game. [/spoiler]That for me was the moment of the game I truly realised that there would be no more Kratos adventures for me to enjoy.

Of course, I was wrong as we saw the PSP games and the legendary PS2 games remastered – but they were mere episodes of Kratos’ past enjoyed by many originally on a different platform – but now in HD on the PS3 – and they didn’t disappoint.

It now seems that GOW3 wasn’t the end of our much loved character, as a certain job requirement has sprung up across the web. A listing posted on Creative Heads states that Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) developer Santa Monica is looking for a Senior Staff Concept Artist for a God of War project.
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