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REMINDER: Gran Turismo 5 Tournament

Don’t forget, we still have our first GT5 tournament scheduled for the 24th, which is next Sunday (not this Sunday). You must have your entry in before the 20th, at which point I will set up a final post, including driver list, etc. Currently, we have 4 entries, with plenty of room for more! Don’t forget, you have the chance to win one of these babies. Hope to see you there!


Gran Turismo 5 ‘Christmas in July’ Tournament

Yes, it is finally here! For those who have been waiting for our first GT5 tournament since its original announcement in December, I have finally gotten around to getting everything set up. If you remember, it was supposed to have taken place on the 26th of December, but my PS3 had YLOD’d on the 25th, hence the name of the tournament.

With that said, since the game has received numerous updates since then, there have been a few changes made to it that I think will be of great benefit for the community (the performance points system, for instance, will now allow you more freedom in car choice). We also have a couple more prize cars to throw in there, as well as points for the site and everything. Be sure to check after the jump for a shot of the prize cars, as well as the rules.

Now, our very first tournament is set to go on July 24th, 8:00PM UK time (3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific, pending any other possible plans between now and then).

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Major Gran Turismo 5 Update

Seems like Polyphony has been hard at work on GT5’s next update. Last night they deployed an update which adds new features and enhancements.

  • First, there is now a way to do “remote racing between friends” which lets you level.
  • Second, there is now support for “remote racing from the web browser“.
  • Third, there is now a way to “use the tracks you build through Course Maker online“.
  • Fourth, you can now”“rent/share cars amongst friends”“.
  • Five, you will now have the option for “multimonitor display compatibility“.
  • More info about these after the jump:

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    GT5 Photo Contest Winners!

    As mentioned before, the polls for the GT5 Photo Contest close today, so it is now time to announce the winners. Remember, first place gets 100 points, 2nd gets 50 and third gets 25. Remember, j1mmy76 already won the Hangtime photo, since he had the only entry for it. With that said, here are the winners (read as 1st – 2nd – 3rd; you can also click the images for larger versions):

    Studio Shots




    Action Shots




    Congratulations! I will award the points to you guys soon ;).


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