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Activision Cancels Guitar (and DJ) Hero… And I AM Sad

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for music game fans as Activision has confirmed that after several layoffs hit some of their studios… Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are no more. Smaller than usual revenues for their last two music games (that would be DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock) pushed Activision to shut down that division of their business so they can focus in what gives them the most profit: more Call of Duty, the next episode of Starcract 2 and giving us a special glow in the dark mount for World of Warcraft every three months.

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Metallica Ready for GH: Warriors of Rock

Those that purchase Warriors of Rock will have a chance to import 39 tracks from Guitar Hero: Metallica into their new game for only $6. If you buy the game and import the songs between Sept 28 and Oct 5 you won’t be charged a single cent. Will work on Wii, PS3, and 360, so hopefully you got your GH: Metallica game new or at least own the instruction booklet.