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Heavy Rain Director’s Cut

Come November 8th, SCEA has confirmed the release of Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut edition. The new version will include the DLC Expansion, Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode 1: The Taxidermist, along with the game’s soundtrack, bonus making-of videos and much more. Here is the full list of content included:

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Heavy Rain Sells 2 Million Copies Worldwide But Second Hand Sales Eat At Quantic Dream’s Profits

Over a year after it’s release worldwide sales of Quantic Dream’s interactive drama, Heavy Rain, have reached the two million mark. Such an achievement for a unique new IP in this crowded market of shooters is noteworthy but according to studio co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Heavy Rain’s sales could actually be much higher.

“We basically sold to date approximately two million units, we know from the trophy system that probably more than three million people bought this game and played it.”

“On my small level it’s a million people playing my game without giving me one cent. And my calculation is, as Quantic Dream, I lost between €5 and €10 million worth of royalties because of second hand gaming.”

Fondaumiere blames the state of the economy for the increase in used gaming sales as consumers look for more affordable means to buying games. He also warns that if the situation continues developers will “stop making games if they can’t recoup a profit”.



Heavy Rain’s Successor Details Released – Not True – April Fools

Quantic Dream designer David Cage had already said that a Heavy Rain sequel would be unlikely:

“I’m not sure there will be a Heavy Rain 2. I’m not a guy who does sequels, because, when you work on a story, you have something to say. It’s a response to a moment of your life and what you want to express. There are so many great stories to tell. That’s why just doing sequels of sequels of sequels doesn’t make any sense.”

However, he never said anything about not doing another similarly styled game. Well, now, new information has been leaked that details some of the plot for the next title. Check after the jump for more details about the plot.

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David Milch Adapting ‘Heavy Rain’ for the Big Screen is reporting that David Milch, “creator/exec producer of “NYPD Blue” and “Deadwood,” will be writing the screen adaptation of Heavy Rain “once he’s finished work on the first season of HBO’s horse-racing series “Luck.”

Producers, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, of Unique Features, along with Warner Bros., are “fast-tracking the project,” so expect to see it sooner then later. This is all great news for us fans of this great PlayStation exclusive game.


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