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Heavy Rain Deleted Scenes

[spoiler intro=”Click Show to be Spoiled if you haven’t played it! —————>”][/spoiler]

Since it wasn’t just the video itself that contained spoilers, the ‘thumbnail’ also did, so I hid the entirety of the video under a spoiler tag. With that said, I think that some of the stuff that they showed here should have been included in the final version of the game, especially the Madison Paige bit, which would have made her less of such a mysterious character.

The other stuff? It’s rather obvious why they wouldn’t include all of that (what, with the weirdness and everything from the Ethan bits), but there’s no denying that the concept behind some of those scenes were a neat idea.



Move Support for Heavy Rain is Coming Sep. 22nd

The official PlayStation Blog has announced that on Sep. 22nd, Heavy Rain will be patched to utilize the new PlayStation Move controller. The PlayStation Move navigation controller (or a DualShock 3) and the PlayStation Eye (as with all Move games), will also be required to play. The DualShock 3 would have to be held in one hand and the Move in the other, which seems a little cumbersome to me, so I’d reccomend the Move navigation controller. There will also be a Heavy Rain “Move” demo available in the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, Sep. 28th. It will feature two levels “from the game, Sleazy Place and Crime Scene.”

“Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover so expect to be drawn into the action more than ever. Now, your every move will make a difference!”

Didn’t my every “move” make a difference before? 😎 Anyway, I’ve been meaning to go back and get all the trophies, and this will give me another reason to do that. I hope it’s as good as it could be!



Heavy Rain Success Surprises David Cage

..and me!

Heavy Rain director David Cage recently told that he and Sony were surprised at the reception the new IP received.

“Heavy Rain is a commercial success and that’s not something Sony or Quantic Dream expected, to be honest,” Cage said in a packed session at GDC Europe.

The gamble of creating an adult game favouring emotion and storytelling over violence has paid off – Heavy Rain sold 600,000 copies in its first two weeks on sale, sold four-times the predicted amount in the US market, has passed worldwide sales of 1.5 million to date, “and we hope to reach 2 million soon,” said Cage.

Cage also hopes with the success of a mature game like Heavy Rain more developers will tap into the market.

“Stop making games for kids. Adult is a huge, untapped market – there is almost nothing for adults, I’m not talking about casual or family games. There is a real market based on sophisticated values. See yourself as a creator, not a toy-maker. Ignore the rules.”


Heavy Rain Move Edition first screens revealed


The first images of the Move-enhanced edition of the hit psychological thriller Heavy Rain has been outed by SCEE.


Possible release time period after the jump!

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