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Heavy Rain Reports Heavy Sales

Released in February 2010, Heavy Rain has since poured into livingrooms and Blu-ray drives. So how heavy has Heavy Rain gotten? Try a million units worth.

That’s right, the guys at SCEA are happy to announce that the engaging, cinematic experience has sold enough units to breach the million mark. Here with a montage of the game’s positive reviews is a trailer from the PlayStation Blog.

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Heavy Rain Tops 1 Million in Sales

Quantic Dream had been interviewed by a German publication, and in that interview, David Cage mentioned that the ‘experimental’ PlayStation 3 game has topped one million in sales. He stated “That was a surprise for many – some expected more like 200,000 to 300,000 sold units.“. Given how the game isn’t even close to the mainstream, this is one great achievement! They expect to sell 1.5 million by the end of the year.

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Heavy Rain Avatars and a New Dynamic Theme

According to the official EU PSBlog, a new Heavy Rain Dynamic theme, as well as 14 avatars will be available today on the PS Store.

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Heavy Rain Gets Derailed

Here’s a clip from the 2005 film Derailed, looks like David Cage got a bit of inspiration for the character of Scott Shelby in Heavy Rain…


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