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HOARD to Get Voice Chat

Not sure why voice chat wasn’t implemented into the game when it was released. Maybe the devs didn’t know how well the game would do when they released it, so they decided to do without it. I am happy to say that the devs are going to add Voice Chat in their next patch.

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12 Comments Game Night for “Hoard” March 18th

Send me, Oly1kenobi a message on the PSN and you can join Luke, beastxjason, and I right now. We will be playing for at least an hour. Points will be distributed as well!! Hope to destroy you, err.. see you soon!

Game night is over.


Hoard Review

Hoard what to say… it’s simple and addicting with some action and strategy thrown in. You control a dragon and get to burn villages, steal gold, and kidnap princesses. How can it not be fun controlling a dragon and being the bad guy. And right now until 1/31 it’s on sale for $7.49 which is a steal for this wee gem.


The graphics are done well with some really nice detail going into the pieces on screen. The game is set to look like a board game with overhead camera and a wooden boarder around the playing area. The stage starts with the map falling down in tiles and sets up quite nicely. Every on the map is very detailed starting from the archers being able to make out the bow and arrows, to the individual houses in the villages. Though a drawback is that things are a bit small if you are not sitting close to your TV it can be hard to make some things out.

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Hoard Coming to PS3/PSP in September

Big Sandwich Games has announced that Hoard will be coming to the PlayStation Network in September. This looks like another really cool downloadable title, too. It uses dual-analog controls (on the PS3 version) where the direction you aim the right stick determines the direction of your fire breathing. The PSP version, since it lacks a second analog stick, uses the X button to shoot flames in the direction you’re running with the one analog stick. Not a bad way to compensate, really. What is Hoard, anyway?

…an arcade-action game where the dragon is the hero. Your goal: collect as much treasure as possible from a living kingdom that grows around you. Burn down crops, strafe merchant wagons, and — best of all — kidnap fair maidens and force the kingdom to ransom them back for piles of gold! But watch out for vile knights and merciless wizards, who want nothing more than to gain fame by slaying a dragon.

A hero, huh? Sounds like both sides are the bad guys :P. Gold is used to upgrade your dragon, giving it more speed, power, etc. The way you upgrade, though, could determine your success or failure on the leader boards, so you’ll want to choose upgrades wisely. There are currently three different game modes, but no free roam (though, suggested in the comments, the developers responded and said they might pursue that route after you unlock areas, etc).

For those who like to play with others, there is also a cooperative mode, both local and online. The game sounds really cool and is yet another PSN title to keep an eye on. Sony seems to be pretty well on the ball for all these quality downloadable titles. We will most likely see actual gameplay footage next week, since they plan on having a showing at E3.


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