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Homefront already on Sale

Homefront THQ’s latest title is already on Sale at Walmart and Amazon for $40. Walmart is in Store apparently. Target should also be running this in Store. Heres the original post:

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Homefront Multiplayer Carnage Trailer

This new Homefront trailer has revamped my interest in the game. The story by John Milius, who co-wrote Apocalypse Now and wrote Red Dawn, peaked my interest from the very beginning, but now, I’m definitely on board to pick this up. The game will be released on March 15th in the US. The only thing that worries me is that there is no beta, nor a demo planned for release. Hopefully there won’t be major bugs with the initial release.


Homefront Resistance Trailer

A new Homefront trailer was released today exclusively for This game looks great, and the story is definitely the “New, Updated Red Dawn for our time! Can’t wait!


Shocker, Xbox To Get Homefront DLC First!

So here’s another shooter that is going to release its DLC on the Xbox first, although at this point is anyone out there surprised? Seems like quite the trend we have going on here. First it was MW2, then Black Ops, and now Homefront. I am starting to wonder if I should get an Xbox just to get my shooting fix.

The game which is set to release on the 8th of March takes place in the year 2027. The world has changed, everything is falling apart. Buildings, economies and even nations. It didn’t take long for the Greater Korean Republic to come knocking. With the USA abandoned and all on its own, came and EMP blast that crippled what little hope that remained. After 12 months of punishment, the people have had enough, it’s time to take the country back.

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