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Impressions: IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey Demo

First, let me start off by saying that this game definitely isn’t for everyone. The game is definitely for those who enjoy a flight simulation game. Hence the word simulation, as this game really goes at that with force, so keep that in mind. In any case, here’s my impression with the demo:

When it comes to visuals and flight sims, this one takes the cake. Even looking at screens for this game, you’d be surprised with how good it looks. We’ll start with the actual ground. The battlefields are made from old satellite photography with a few improvisations here and there. They’re extremely detailed for how big the battlefields are. Trees have actual depth to them and a more 3D nature than trees in a lot of other flight simulators. When you’re in first person view and you fly into the tree line, it actually looks more like a forest rather than crappy 2D cutout-looking things. In the Battle of Britain map, all the rolling hills and fields definitely adds a sense of atmosphere while flying. It’s got tons of hedges and trees about and the coastline is littered with a bunch of coastal towns facing the English Channel.

Smoke effects look great, as do explosions. The developers definitely did a great job with that. One of the coolest effects in the game is definitely the clouds. They have depth to them as well and can be used as cover for both you and the enemy. They remind me of Warhawk’s clouds, really.

Besides the environment, the shining star is really the planes. These planes are highly detailed and look great. Light shimmers off of their bodies and they all are modeled perfectly. You really need to get used to their shapes and markings, as playing on simulation difficulty, planes aren’t marked. One of the coolest things with the game is damage. If you take shots, your body will show it. On the first demo mission, I went to shoot down a German bomber and blew it’s wing off, which then flew up into the air and clipped my own wing, sending me into a violent twist into the ground. After I restarted, I was shooting them down left and right, but took damage myself, and the damage caused a big hole to form on my left wing. I was pleased with their damage model.

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